Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Ladder has left the studio

I am finished with the hanging...for now.
This quilt, Parallel Paths (1997, 72.5" x 47.5") is a pretty large piece and hasn't been hung in either of our houses in a long time.
I found another frame in my garage to reframe the Orbit painting on the top. I know the spacing between the three is not even, but I am not going to let that bother me...until I have to drag that ladder back into the studio.

The long wall.
I hung these two felted works from artist Karen Hampton that I always found inspiring.
I mounted the one above in a shadowbox frame and I am considering reframing this one below. It has non glare glass, which obscures the artwork to a fault.

PS. Dave was on his way to Atlanta at 3:30am today to play baseball, when a herd of five or more deer ran in front of him, spinning the car around several times and landing him in the median. Again, he was lucky to have no injuries, but did call 911 to report the accident. The car is a muddy mess, but got him home OK. I am not nuts to be a worrier.
OK Just when you'd think now that the studio is done I would jump right in and start creating. But you'd be WRONG. Because I have been so focused on this one project, the rest of the house has gone to the dogs.
I walked into the living room, devoid of its sofa, with chairs awry, and noticed all the dead flies on the window sills and other too-disgusting-to-mention things that needed my attention. I can only begin to imagine what the rest of the house looks like.
Dave too has been singularly focused for days, repairing the new old truck Ugly Betty. I pray he is nearly done, and when he is, we must tackle the rest of this house together. But of course things won't settle down completely. We will be sans auto for a while while the PT gets fixed, and hopefully Ugly Betty will be driveable. I must get my hair cut on Thursday or it's the Norelco for me!


  1. Your work looks amazing hanging in your studio! What an inspirational place to work! The colors are truly wonderful!

  2. Parallel Paths is gorgeous! I'm so into circles right now. Your new studio is beautiful..what a wonderful place to work or just relax while gazing at your amazing pieces!

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Your finished studio is stunning! What a wonderful place to create on a day to day basis.

  4. Nikki.10:43 AM

    No Melody, you are NOT nuts to be a worrier. Dave has been really lucky TWICE already. Car and deer collisions can be truely dreadful.
    Time to install one of those deer whistler devices, perhaps? Do they help, I wonder?

    Your studio is looking great .. such a perfect Melody space, just waiting for the right coffee table!

  5. WOW!!!! Love the studio--- just right for you. Can't wait to see what inspirations come forth. ENJOY!!!

  6. What a beautiful space! Congratulations on seeing your vision come to reality.

  7. What a wonderful space, Mel! I do hope you give yourself time to enjoy it!

    I agree about those felt pieces. I've played with felting a bit myself and would love to do more... along with the gourds and dying fabric, and as soon as the zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, peas, get done. But wait, then it will be tomatoes, cantaloupe, other squash, corn, okra... hmmm...

  8. Starting to wonder of the universe has some problem with Dave driving your car????That's scary.

  9. AH, it looks fabulous! AND, you can peek in there while you're getting the rest of the house under control and sigh a great sigh of relief - because now you know that whenever you have the urge, you have a FABULOUS place to work.

    I've spent the week getting my Living room completely revamped, and it gives me such joy to just see it. Now, Finally, I'm in the studio with a list as long as my arm of things to make! woohoo!

  10. I agree with everyone: it is a truly fabulous space, almost more gallery-like than a studio. How wonderful.

  11. pammyfay4:15 PM

    1) It is a MIRACLE that the deer didn't do worse to Dave and the car! I'm sure he's annoyed and achy, but it's nothing a few drinkies can't help.

    2) Your gallery is awesome. (Reason #? why the move was just what you needed!) Tell us how you feel looking at all those beautiful works of art! Esp the one that's so large you hadn't hung it before. (My guess would be "giddy"!)

  12. You guys need some kind of deer whistle or something. Twice in a week doesn't bode well for the rest of the summer. Very scary stuff.

    The studio really looks gorgeous. If you clean your house, I'll clean mine. Is that fair? ;-)

  13. If you ever tire of this art gig, you could always rent yourself out as studio curator. What an awesome space!! The pictures are an inspiration!

  14. Anonymous7:24 PM

    These are beautiful. I'm envious of your talent. Thanks for sharing...Kathy

  15. Love the studio and all your work surrounding you. I am feeling bad for Dave who has been a deer magnet twice in one week. Enough, Bambi!
    I'm hoping he has no residual muscle trauma as a result.
    Enjoy your's magnificent!

  16. I have missed all this. Out of town and out of touch.... no computer!!! It's wonderful... Have you two hit all the deer in Tennessee?

  17. looking gorgeous!


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