Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh Deer!

My poor baby! Dave got hit by a deer, in two places. We live in a very woodsy area, and the one road he was on is totally woods for miles and miles. In broad daylight a deer flashed out onto the road and was impossible to miss. Dave was not hurt and the airbags did not deploy. The deer ran right back into the woods.

On a happier note, our first water lily opened. And then at cocktail time, it promptly closed again. I am hoping this is the first of many.

The hanging continues,

with more paintings and quilts.


  1. I am curious to know what is on the back of the quilts that the two hanging lines are attached to?

    Studio looks great!

  2. So happy it wasn't worse for Dave and your Baby. It's tricky living in the forrest.
    The studio looks fab! How's the knee?

  3. I usually don't leave any comments, but read your blog daily and have learned alot. But had to comment today, your studio pix with your work hanging is amazing, breath taking,etc etc. You have a great gift. thanks for showing it

  4. So glad nothing happend to deer/dear Dave....... Your studio is looking fantastic! Can't wait for more pictures ;O)

  5. O, I've been out of the loop for a few days and came back to find all this WONDERFUL color on your walls! Soooo pretty! Can't wait to do something similar on my walls in my living room when I get home. We're on the road and will be home soon enough. So see these quilts and paintings all together like this is just so delicious!!! =)

  6. What a fabulous space. You can not help but be creative here. That zig zag quilt is unbelievable!!!!

  7. I'm glad Dave is okay.

    I'm enjoying watching your new studio take shape. Keep it coming!

  8. Anonymous5:17 PM

    So glad Dave wasn't hurt. Love your new studio space and all the pictures of your quilts and plants.
    I read your blog daily and really appreciate all that you share.

  9. Wow!
    Watching your studio walls come to life is a pure delight. Inspiration at every turn. If it can get me this charged up clear across the country, you must be tapping dancing each time you step in there.
    Too Fun!

  10. Almost forgot..
    So glad Dave and the darting deer are OK. Faster, bigger four footed folks can really test your heart and driving skills.
    Oops, just noticed the typo in my previous comment. See, your wonderful work gets me all befuddled.

  11. Whew! Glad Dave wasn't hurt.

  12. Glad to hear Dave and Baby survived their deer incident. I've had a number deer/antelope experiences where I live but have been fortunate enough not to have impact yet. Very close calls a couple of times. Last one was only a month or so ago on open prairie grid road. Where we live, if we collide with wild life, we don't have to pay deductible on our insurance because they are considered to be such a hazard.

  13. Anonymous6:45 AM

    I'm fairly certain that Dave hit the deer, not the other way around....


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