Monday, June 22, 2009

Honey-Do Sunday

Dave has been working on Ugly Betty all week and finally got it fixed! It was unusally steaming hot here, making his work extra taxing but the triumph of success washed away all that struggle.

Other successes of the day included hanging the studio tv on the wall. All the cords are hidden and it swivels from side to side so I can see the screen from any part of the room. Totally thrilling.

While the tools were at hand Dave also fixed the wall shelf in the laundry room

and hung the Sticks mirror in the upstairs powder room. It had been sitting in bubble wrap in the garage for two years!

I found one more spot to hang a painting in the gallery. I painted this about 30 years ago. Brooke was the model and she was about 12 or 13 at the time. Watercolor. Oy!


To celebrate our successful day I decided it was time to have a taste of our basil.

Looks pretty short in this picture but it is about 9 inches tall and the leaves are huge.

It was deeeeelicious!


  1. Your STICKS mirror looks like some of the wonderful ones I've seen at New Morning Gallery in Asheville, NC.

  2. Liz in IN2:19 PM

    Isn't it satisfying to get a bunch of little projects squared away? Even better when someone else does them, actually! :) Your studio is looking fabulous!

    Excuse me? The 30-year-old portrait of Brooke is WATERCOLOR? Okay. Official Request: Please do not question whether or not you are an artist, ever ever again. Seriously!

  3. I agree with Liz...I do watercolor and it is the hardest to work with! That portrait is beautiful!!!

    Also beautiful is your pasta dish...which would also make a good painting (hint;)!

    I love it when I can get small projects done. It seems like you've really accomplished a lot more than what there was to get done but it's always the little projects that seem to "nag" at you until they are finished.

  4. Oy? Well, we may look back with critical eyes, but I think this is pretty good. As Colleen said, watercolour is hard to do. I have drawers full of "oys", but you know as well: we need them for our development.

  5. ???Why for you say "Oy"??
    That is a lovely portrait of a beautiful girl. I wish I could do even half so well as that. People are far more difficult than fruit, and if you can paint like that, I say leave the bananas and pears to the greengrocer and scare up a live model! Brava!


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