Monday, June 22, 2009


Now that all our big projects have been completed, you'd think I would be jumping right back into creating new artwork. I thought I would be too. But it is just too overwhelming. I want things to be settled for a while and you know a new art project means bringing out stuff and leaving it out and I just can't do that yet.
I want to just be in an environment that is neat, and clean, with nothing out of place for a little while.
My room feels so wonderful and looks better than I imagined it would. I have everything at my fingertips and that is the most amazing part. I know where stuff is, where it belongs and can easily put it back. This is very unusual and I want to absorb that for a while.
And I have no car. While I can drive Ugly Betty, it's not like I want to. So there is that little bit of uneasiness floating about.
Just like the frogs in our pond. I am waiting until something moves me, before I move.


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