Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Good Rain

The garden needed a dusting off and a big gulp. Despite our careful waterings, there is nothing as satisfying for everyone as a refreshing bath.

The last of the white lilies, covered with droplets.

And the arrival of the bee balm, the hummingbirds favorite. Perhaps they will forgive me for being so lax in filling their feeders. The bee balm is huge this year, over 4 feet tall.

The mushrooms are everywhere this year, with all the new mulch, it's hard to walk without stepping on them. This bunch is in the planter box.

The second set of blue delphiniums have a white center, while the first set had a blackish blue eye. This plant is very robust comparitively, and has several flower stalks ready to burst open.

At last my Blanket Flower is enthusiastically blooming, or was. Most of these are spent.
But the most exciting is the Echinops Ritro. I first met this plant in Switzerland and copped some seeds, which did not sprout. So I ordered plants when I returned and it has been two years waiting for this morning's showing. I am thrilled! It looks like a weed, but it is not. These heads will get blueish purple and can be dried for arrangements. Or fed to the birds. Whatever.


  1. the white lily shot is fabulous... nice steady hand... so clear! And the bee balm... I love the hot pink which seems to be the color of preference for hummingbirds. The last flower is magnificent! can't wait to see it develop more.

  2. Had to laugh at the bee balm. Last week DH came in with a bee balm cutting and announced it was a weed that he would be uprooting but wanted me to see it. I didn't recognize it, but said it was no weed. This "discussion" continued for several days until he finally located a picture of bee balm and asked if I thought that's what it was. Eventually, he remembered that he had PLANTED it last summer! LOL

  3. Everything looks lovely. That last plant is really fascinating.

  4. Wonderful. I love garden walks!

  5. I love houses with wraparound porches like this! Whenever we see mushrooms like these, we look for fairies! And these mushrooms look like little umbrellas in the rain!

  6. Liz in IN8:01 AM

    Beautiful gardens! Did you know that the contrasting centre of delphinium flowers is known as the "bee"? I love that. :)

    To Elizabeth B: My husband and I have a running garden joke about monarda (bee balm) being a weed. He once, years ago now, 'weeded' all my bee balm.


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