Saturday, May 16, 2009

Starting the Studio Remake

After a season of having this armoire in the studio I decided it could go into the hallway where all the other closets are. So I unloaded it and Dave and I moved it into the hall where it fits perfectly.

Three closets all full of my junk. Tsk Tsk Tsk. But this makes everything currently in the studio moveable, and it needs to be before the lights are installed.

The electrician came yesterday to see the place and make an estimate on the work I want done. We talked about making gallery walls and figured out a great idea for a hanging system. Since the walls are 9 feet high I thought crown molding would be possible and somehow a rail could be attached to hang hooks for the quilts and paintings.

Here's the plan.

This is the track or rail of a shelf hanging system from Closet-Maid. We are going to attach these tracks at the top of the wall and cover the top part with the woodwork, leaving the bottom part, the lip exposed. This will be the part that hooks will fit to use as hangers. I use 30 lb. test nylon fishing line to attach to the quilt rods, and paintings.


  1. This armoire storage thing is great. Is it an Ikea empty closet that you fitted wooden rails on to support the containers? Are the shelving containers on the left (the metal ones) the units Ikea sells? I like the idea of having these in my studio so they're moveable but hide everything while making it easily accessible. Still raining down here in Georgia!

  2. Things are moving along nicely. Can't wait to see it all finished!

  3. Teresa6:06 PM

    Fantastic idea for hiding the hanging system. Mmmmm - I may have to copy it!!

  4. Oh, keep showing pictures: this may be something I could use. I need to be able to hand quilts but also want to be able to take them up and down.

  5. Okay, it's a good thing nobody knows me, because I will probably go down forever in the annals of history as being certifiably strange. Oh well. When I first saw the photos of your armoire, all nice and white with wire baskets in it, (especially the first picture) I thought it was a freezer!

    Well, Hurricane Gustav took care of everything we had in our deep- freezer last year and since then we have managed to confine our food to the fridge/freezer combo in the kitchen. The deep-freezer in the back of the house isn't being used for ANYTHING. Now I'm thinking it would be a great place to store some (boxed up) goodies like blocks and other UFOs that are toward the bottom of the list!

    Still thinking it through and enjoying your blog.



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