Friday, May 15, 2009

Colleen's Cabin

My pal from Illinois, Colleen, (via Huntsville AL for the last 10 years) has moved to my neck of the woods! This is a panaramic shot of one of the ponds at her place. I saw a fish and a turtle in it while I was visiting and I am sure I will return to count more fish. Somebody has to keep track.

This is her new home, a darling cabin complete with all you would need to live happily ever after, including cable and high speed internet. Isn't it funny what we absolutely cannot do without? She has a view of green from every window, and a lush forest right behind the house.

Doesn't she look totally happy?

Her place features two lakes, a swimming pool and a pavilion which we scouted out as a meeting place for like-minded creative folks. Colleen is a very very talented fiber artist.

Although she has only been moved in for less than a week I HAD to see the place. One of my favorite things is this daybed with quilt and pillows. I think I may have to copy this idea for my new studio set up. I love pillows on things, and while it drives my DH nutty, I think I can have this for myself. Plus it gives me a reason and a place for making new bed quilts. As if I need a reason.

Speaking of the studio, today the electrician, aka My New Best Friend, arrives to take stock of my proposed design. All my lights are here already so that will aid in his assessment. I feel wall painting is in my future too.

All White.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see photos of the transformation!

  2. What a great setup for Colleen! I'm sure looking forward to hearing more about the pavilion potential! Ever hopeful... Peggy

  3. Sounds like something is cookin down in the hills of Tennessee. Love the cabin! Hope your new best friend gets in and out and done today!

  4. The day bed look so Colleen.
    And she doesn't look a day older that when she left Illinois.
    Say "Hi" to her from me.

  5. Did Colleen sew this quilt? Lovely composition. What a cosy room!


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