Saturday, May 16, 2009

Re-Storing the Quilts

We have lived here since July 2007 and finally, yes finally I have gotten around to storing the quilts in the house, and out of the garage. I had a pretty much empty clothes closet (can you believe it?) and lots of skirt hangers and it just now occured to me to use them to hang the quilts so I can actually find one when I need it. There are just 42 quilts pictured here, because I ran out of skirt hangers!

I am only hanging the larger pieces, with 65" being the longest side this space could accomodate.

I have a ton more to sort through and of course there are more on beds or under beds and stored at a gallery, and a few more in Rubbermaids. Soon I will be able to display some on my studio wall.

As I was unrolling the stored works I discovered pieces that I had completely forgotten. And that is the problem with storing quilts in rolls, the quilts inside can't be seen. To my surprise I have lots of quilts that are pieced and totally hand quilted! By me! Now that I can see where specific pieces are, I can offer quilt guilds my work as special exhibits for their quilt shows.

Another thing I plan to do is to take good digitals of some of the earlier works that have only slides as documentation. I will be posting a quilt a day when I start this process.

It is such a relief to finally get a handle on the work here. 28 years of quilting!


  1. W...H...O...A...! That's a whole lotta quilts!

    On the positive side - think how much easier it is to store these than if they were stretched canvasses!

    Think of the fun you'll have taking awesome photos in your newly awesomely lighted studio!

  2. That will be a trip down memory lane seeing your older pieces again.

  3. Marcia11:22 PM

    EYECANDY !!! Even on the hangers :)

  4. Melody these are mouth-watering, and what a great way to be able to see them when you want to. . . may I suggest you cut some little pieces of thickish plastic and protect the quilts from the metal of the clips - I see many of them are plastic, but the aluminium ones will leave marks over time . . I know because a favourite pair of trousers got immovable marks in a closet, even though nothing else showed signs of damp . . .

    Enjoy your re-decorating - it's looking great.

  5. Thanks Virginia,
    I have only three hangers with those aluminum clips and they will be totally replaced by the plastic kind, very soon. I want them all to be the same hangers, and the ones I have for all the others have plastic holders.

  6. And here I was just fretting about how to display as many pieces as possible at an upcoming venue. I was going to pile stuff up on a table like so many magic carpets. I already have a rolling rack..all I need are some sturdy skirt hangars.

    Thanks for the tip!

  7. Oh Melody, please consider making a book of your work... a retrospective compilation or something. Please give it some thought dear one. Please! How fun it would be to come and peek through your closet and see what time and talent have blessed you with!

  8. I'm with Carmen Rose - a book of your quilting and artistic journey would be outstanding!

  9. Me too!!!! I can't wait for the pics. Just seeing the sides of the quilts hanging in the closet makes me drool!!

  10. Oh, you need to take them out to the garden to stage your photos! Won't they be beautiful?

  11. Teresa10:33 AM

    Carmen Rose is SOOOO right! Make a book, pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

  12. This is lovely. All those little quilts in Ikea Dimpla bags. Mine are in the same bags under the be. Oh to have a spare closet, what luxury.
    I think a book is a great idea. Melody Johnson Retrospective. I'd buy it.


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