Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everything All At Once

Previously on Life at the Chalet: We found Dave's big mulch project underway. A small earthen bridge separates the far hill from the area which is getting the mulch treatment. When things get dull Dave announces "I'm going to get more mulch". This sometimes happens twice a day. Recently he has found that the new old truck, Ugly Betty, can nimbly cross this earthen bridge making for easy unloading of the mulch directly at its final destination.

Something like rain can stall this process, and we have had plenty. His last load of mulch had to sit overnight in the unloading zone and the rains continued overnight. Yesterday he was able to unload, and then asked for my help backing out over the bridge.

O dear.

The bridge is all hard clay when it is dry, which it was not. He backed up and slid off the edge just about tipping into the pond. Just about. I left the scene and my studio work crew of three took it from there. I couldn't watch. Eventually, of course he got aright and all is well.

The crown molding and picture rail are installed, and caulked and fingerprinted. Those will wash off. I am THRILLED!!!

No more sconces. Hurray.

And a special treat awaits me. This was the opening for the stove pipe from the previous owner's woodburning stove. Now it will be a recessed spotlight over the gas fireplace mantel. Swoon.
I love having workmen in my house, at my command.


  1. LOL... glad Dave didn't dump Ugly Betty (love that name) into the pond. Absolutely love the crown mold/rail set-up!!! That is one of the slickest things I have seen in a long while!

  2. Oh yeah... few things better than having workmen at your command!!! =)

  3. Yikes! For a second I was afraid to scroll down, worried I was going to see a picture of a truck in a pond! ;-)

    The track looks fabulous... please take closeups of how it was installed so those of us with workmen at our command (or handy husbands) can put it on their "honey-do" list!

  4. Your writing always makes me smile...a nice way to start my day! My husband made a raised garden bed from your directions - thanks for your garden info Melody

  5. Commanding workmen was one of my favourite occupations when I was four years old. I was quite serious about it and knew what I was talking about. But I'm afraid they did not take me seriously.

  6. Looking good! Keep commanding those workmen!


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