Sunday, May 24, 2009

July Blue Sky --1993


July Blue Sky  29.75x52.5” 1993

Hand dyed cottons, silks, commercial fabrics, including lame, batiks and decorator metallic prints. Thread schnibbles, and twin needle stitchery, machine pieced and machine quilted.

image   image image

This quilt pretty much held the kitchen sink. Everything that could be done (in those days) was done to this piece. I made fabric from thread shreds, placed on a base fabric and stitched (to death) over it. Then I cut it up and pieced it with other fabrics. The sky was dyed as an experiment, and the ‘houses’ at the top were pieced and then appliquéd over that sky fabric.

Another example of what one does on the way to finding one’s own style. Sometimes the only way to discover it is to try everything, and toss out what doesn’t work.

This is the picture hanging hook I mentioned in yesterday’s post. The rail pictured here is my old system. The new one will be hooked to a lip on the rail tucked under the crown molding. Hard to imagine, but just wait til midweek and I will have the finished product to show.


  1. beautiful colors. thanks for talking about finding ones style. some of us are still muddling our way through that "period" of our artwork lives. thanks for continuing to inspire me!

  2. Oh it is just SO cool, would love to see it up close to see what all you've done in this one! Have you seen Robin's post with the video of Ira Glass? It echo's some of the themes from this post, it seems right that I heard that and then saw this piece which is part of your artistic develoment and such a good example of what Ira was talking about in his video. Bravo!

  3. This is simply a wonderful piece. I absolutely love it. Your use of colors takes my breath away over and over again. You are such an inspiration!

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