Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Birdbath Gardens


We returned to the nursery with the cute gardens in birdbaths yesterday and I surreptitiously snapped a few pictures. The cottage is made of some kind of concrete like stuff, and has a wooden door and window panes. The price tag says this house is a mere $229. I really love the mossy green with the toad tucked into the edge.


This scene is built into a square birdbath with variegated  thyme, mondo grass and Iris mosses. A copper birdbath in miniature and a teeny copper wheelbarrow sweeten up the scene. The thyme really looks like shrubs. I have a LOT of thyme and now that I look at this up close I think I need to transplant a bit of it to my vignette.


More ideas for mini gardens. I’m up for trying more small gardens in the future, keeping my eyes open for interesting flower pots and other containers. I guess when I thought of container gardening, it was just groups of flowers that came to mind. I also saw water plants and ground cover like creeping jenny floating around in a pot.


On our way home from the nursery we were hit with heavy heavy rains and wild ripping winds. Little did we know that we were in a tornado watch. Duh. We got home just fine, but I took this photo from inside as the back yard filled with water. Looks like our meager grass could rise  up and float away.


And then it stopped, the sun came out again and all the water drained into the pond. Perfect.


  1. Oh dear, now I'm imagining my back deck rimmed with pots and a little village. Sounds expensive! These are very cool!

  2. Have your heard of hypertufa? Google it.

    One can easily make their own pots and I would think if you were so inclined you could build a little house with it.

  3. I just saw this in a catalog. Looks the same but cheaper:

    (sorry for the long link)

  4. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Can't believe you're still complaining about the price of the beautiful birdbath gardens. You pay for the concept, the beautiful colors, composition and execution. Just like a small quilt which costs $250 to buy and a fraction of that to make...if you know how. Be grateful for the inspiration and make your own, but don't begrudge another artist their means of making a living.

  5. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I can imagine your round bird bath with a yurt, how cute would that be?
    The boutique garden center near us has Bee-u-tee-ful little scenes in most unusual containers with a lot of small residents (read:cement birds,bunnies etc)
    Thanks of such a inspirational and fun blog, I love logging in to see what you are up to!
    Thanks Linda

  6. I LOVE the one with the thyme, moss and wheelbarrow along the path! Makes me think of backyards with woods and moss paths - NOT something we have here in sunny Southern California!

    We lived through a tornado that come right through our town in E. Kentucky - it was like being in a hurricane strength rainstorm that got a little more ferocious for a bit - except the ears popping, which was FREAKY, it wasn't much worse than that. Woe to all the trailer parks though - the tornado kind of touched down and bounced back & forth as it travelled through the valley that is Morehead, hitting trailers as it went.

  7. I had a cracked bird bath and got rid of it. Now I wish I had it back!

  8. I saw these fairy houses on HGTV a few years ago and saved the link because I found them so magical. I'll bet you could find some wonderful supplies on your property to make your own and I'm sure the fairies in your woods would love them.

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