Friday, April 10, 2009

Bitten by the Cute Bug


I didn’t know what hit me. We were at a nursery looking, just looking, and we saw a vignette of a stone cottage in a garden, set in a birdbath. Adorable. Miniature shrubs, little rake and wheelbarrow, teeny bench, mossy yard.

 IMG_7410-1  We have a birdbath, so we looked at the price of the stone cottage…$300! What? Are they nuts? We walked away, and later returned and took a good look at the arrangement. I figured we could just buy a birdhouse, the plants and the other stuff later and put it all together in our birdbath, for a more reasonable price tag.

Days later I found myself at Hobby Lobby where they were having all their birdhouses 50% off, lucky me and I had to get this one that looks like a chalet. I meant to Mexican it up a bit, but forgot all about it. Turns out to be too big for our birdbath, so it went into the flower box instead. Perfect.

Home Depot had most of the groundcover plants and I added these succulents from another nursery. I still have the rake, a chair and a picket fence to add. Oh my!


It is so unlike me to dabble in the realm of cuteness, but I just had to try it out. The whole ensemble cost less than $25.


I wonder if anyone will move in?


  1. Oh I hear ya on dabling with cuteness but that is really a great idea! Post more photos as you add stuff.

  2. Very cute! Hope you get tenants soon...

  3. Oh my gosh, this is so darling! I just put in some succulents too! I LOVE them! I just planted some Portulaca seeds so once they are bigger, I can add them to my pots and have some bursts of vivid color with my other succulents. But I REALLY love your idea with the birdhouse and the little rock path is just too darling!

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    OMG! Sooo cute! I reminds me of a Fairy garden feature a read in a container garden magazine.

  5. Are you intending to reconciliate with the voles by offering them a home?

  6. Love the birdhouse! We use to live close to a Hobby Lobby but now I have to travel several miles...:(

    I need some birdhouses, too. Great arrangement, Mel.

  7. Love that little house! Hope you get the kind of tenants you want.

    I just found out a couple of years ago that cactus actually grows wild about 5 miles from me. Who'd a thunk it?
    I tried it in my little kitchen garden but I think it got too damp.

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    If you put in a moss front porch and a shallow container of water somewhere you may get some toads to move in.

  9. Judy from Northport2:34 PM

    Sometimes the cute bug bites and we just can't help it.
    Usually, I hate it when someone tries to compliment me by saying that something is cute. I actually cringe.
    But gee, that's cute...
    PS I have an aluminum birdbath that no feathered being has ever used. We think that the aluminum does something to the water that they don't care for. Now I think I will plant it up...thanks, once again, for the input.

  10. How many bedrooms? Baths? Does the kitchen have gas or electric stove?

  11. Bet you get some little chipmunks! Alvin!!!!!!!
    I'm going to make you jealous. I went to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens today... and tomorrow, too!
    So Beautiful!

  12. this just lovely... i usually will ohh and ahhh at stuff like this, but never do anything like it. Cudoos to you for recreating your own! I am sure you will smile whenever you walk by :-)


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