Thursday, April 09, 2009

Homemade Seed Starters

You probably did this when you were a kid, but I never got the chance (or the interest) until now. I saw this in one of my magazines and thought…Hey, why not? I tried growing Larkspur last year and they never really took. My fault, since I tossed the seeds into areas that either had too little sun or were overrun with bigger plants (nasturtiums!!) So this time I am being more serious and starting them indoors where I can nurture them into something transplantable.
These are the larkspur from my old yard,

and the seeds I bought are doubles which look more like delphiniums. I am (fingers crossed) growing delphiniums in my garden this year and have purchased six of the Magic Fountain variety.
I am using this potting mix which was not my usual cheapo purchase.
Hopefully I made a good choice.

The hardest part was getting the soil wet after I loaded it into the shells. A spoon helped me work the water down into the mix. And a tweezers did the seed planting. I’ll mist them daily as I await the first sprouts.

In the meantime…
I meet the nicest people on the blog. One of them is named Peg and she lives here in Tennessee. Recently she asked me if I would consider writing a book and of course being a lazy bum, I balked at the idea. It’s all there in the sidebar I said. So being a smart and resourceful person, Peg took my Helpful Stuff and made it into a pdf and sent it to me for approval. 51 pages! Yipes. I glanced at the first few pages and immediately felt the need to edit it like mad. So we agreed that I would do just that (in Word) and send it back to her and she would make it available in reduced form with the spelling checked and I will post it on the sidebar. It will not include the Machine Quilting designs, which are already downloadable.

O and one more thing. My sister Brooke has opened her Etsy shop here.


  1. I had the same problem with wetting the soil, and then decided to soak it BEFORE I put it in the little pots -- it seemed to work just fine.

    How lovely and self-starting of Peg to make a user-friendlier version of your stuff! Gee, makes me wish I'd a-thought of it first! Looking forward to seeing it!

  2. Hello Melody,
    it's always a great pleasure for me to visit your blog! I like these brilliant colours you work with and your wonderful ideas.
    Easter greetings from Germany!

  3. Try using warm water when you moisten your seed-starting mix for the first time. It helps!

  4. Happy Easter Melody and Dave,

    Thanks for your blog - I love following your goings-on - your life is so different from mine on the other side of the world (with my up-side-down seasons).

    I'm excited about Peg's compilation - I hope it's going to have loads of your luscious photographs of your work!



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