Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Eight Houses


Eight Houses

Hand Dyed Cottons, Fused

Hand and machine quilted 6x51” $250

And then each one cropped for detail.

IMG_7372-1 IMG_7373-1

IMG_7374-1 IMG_7375-1

IMG_7377-1 IMG_7378-1

IMG_7379-1 IMG_7380-1

So I stayed inside and quilted and now all the snow has melted, it’s bright and sunny and 60º. All the plants that we covered are doing fine and the ones that weren’t covered look even better. So let that be a lesson to me. If they are strong enough to come up early, they are strong enough to withstand two nights of snow and freezing temperatures.


  1. Is that like what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?

  2. I agree with COndra. It's in your nature to nurture anyway.

  3. that's Cindra-I don't like Condra

  4. I like Condra just fine. And I like Cindra, too.

    P.S. Melody, these are stunning!

  5. I have said it before but I'll say it again - your work is just gorgeous and amazing.

  6. Houses! More Houses! love'em all! Love the long skinny format...makes me want to make a long skinny set of houses in the other direction!

  7. love your little houses :)

  8. Fun houses with great color combinations.

  9. Re: the eggshell garden, we are having an 8-year old girl demonstrate how to do this in one of our Recycled workshops... great fun! I wonder if it would work to pre-soak the soil in a bucket first, then put it in the eggshells... can't wait to see how your seeds do!
    BTW, I think the book collaboration sounds great!

  10. I love the little houses!
    My DD does the egg starters too...she must have inherited all the green thumb, mine are black....
    I have been known to kill even the hardiest plants....
    I hope the snow melts soon and you can get back to the spring....


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