Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009


We’ve had rain for days and now the sun looks like it will make it’s grand entrance. We usually see it on the hilltop across the road first. The grass is so green, it looks fake! The owners mow just along the driveway and then the rest of the field is left to grow long and will be baled later in the season.

IMG_7432 Despite the snow and freezing temperatures earlier in the week, the redbuds are in their full glory. The pond is overflowing into the drain and we wish it could stay this high.


Mr. Squirrel has found a nice spot to bask in the early morning sun. We have seen more squirrels this year than ever before. Three on one branch. Lots of chipmunks too. Some have been eating my lilies, but I have more than enough to begrudgingly share…I guess.

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Just lovely. Happy Easter Dears.

  2. Happy Easter! The red buds are beautiful! My forsythia is blooming and I always marvel at the bright golden color...a sure sign spring is "springing"!

  3. Happy Easter, Mrs Mel!

  4. Happy Easter to you and Dave!

    I bet Mr. Squirrel is the one who chewed the opening on this nest box.

    Did you ever get any bluebirds to set up house in your yard?

  5. Happy Easter, Melody! It lloks like spring has arrived at your place. We're patiently waiting here...

  6. Happy Easter, Mel. Your garden and pond look beautiful and that green wouldn't be believable if you painted it that way, but we all know it is true!
    I thought of you this weekend as I roamed the Missouri Botanical Gardens. OMG! So beautiful!

  7. Thank you for solving the mystery of the name of the trees I saw today growing along the roadway here in Virginia...Redbuds! Your yard is looking beautiful!

  8. Happy Easter to you both!
    Beautiful redbud, by the way.


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