Monday, April 13, 2009

A Momentary Pause in the Rain


Virginia Bluebells in a spot of sun.  The deer ate the flowers off the other plants. Arghh.


I know these woodland violets are as common as dandelions, but aren’t they sweet anyway?


I’ve been watching these ferns unfurled over the past week and finally had my camera handy.

I guess they are not as tasty as the Autumn Bride Heuchera, which have their dainty heads bitten off. They WERE big and green and lush and irresistible to the deer. They’ll recover.



I have had a few moments of peace counting our fish, but my social calendar is filling up and this is the big week of the month.

Today Dave had a doctor appt. and that took us to McMinnville, where we visited Lowe’s in search of plants (bought none).

Tuesday I see the knee doctor (woowoo!) and I hope he drugs me right up into Painfreeville, or fixes my knee, or something.

Wednesday I have Knitting Club which I love, and have several unfinished knits to bring.

And Thursday I am invited to meet a bunch of gals in Sewanee TN for a group called Dead Plant Society. Not what you think…It isn’t gardening, but drawing!

Yes! Is that a fun idea or what?

It is to me. I can’t imagine why I haven’t ever connected with artists like this before…or maybe they are a very rare set? Who knows? I am game and look forward to this meeting with enthusiasm. Lunch is involved.


  1. Can you grow Oleander in your neck of the woods I wonder? We used to have deer in Southern California who loved my rose plants. When I put the Oleander bushes nearby, they quit their munching. I guess even deer can sniff the poison that's in that plant and get "skeered" away. Sounds like you have a fun and busy week lined up. Hope the knee doc appt. goes well!

  2. Good luck with your knee appointment. I've gone through the cortisone injections and finally had both of my knees replaced four years and two years ago - best thing I ever did.

  3. How amazing that violets should be called dandelions...
    So the deer love your gardening. (Not comforting, I'm afraid)

  4. I love the young ferns! How about spreading a little coyote urine around. That worked for my rabbit problem. Everybody has a plan.

  5. I planted the sweetest violas last year that were invading my SIL's yard. I had dark purple, light purple and yellow and they were beautiful. All of a sudden one day they were gone! It wasn't was wabbits! Wascally wabbits!


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