Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O Boy…


The older we get the more our conversations are about our health. I have always enjoyed great health and felt pretty invincible until lately.

I am now a hobbler. Yesterday I went to the Bone and Joint doctor and saw myself surrounded by lots of other hobblers. My knee was x-rayed and had an MRI and will return for the verdict on the 21st. The doctor assured me that he could fix me right back into normalcy. I hope. Besides the pain, this puts me off most of everything that I like to do. Gardening is impossible without getting on my knees, using a shovel or even just walking about inspecting new growth. Standing at my quilting worktable hurts too. Even shopping hurts. Pooh.

But on the other hand…Dave has new meds which are making a huge difference for him, and we are thrilled with that and holding our breath to see how long these bring improvement.

So since I can do nothing I thought I would share something really nice that I chanced upon on You Tube.

It brought tears to my eyes.


  1. I SO sympathize with your pain. I've been going through this big-time for about two years, although there were signs as long as seven years ago. I know how it takes the joy out of gardening, and exercise is impossible (unless you do a stationary bike--boring). I hobble around the yard with a flattened box to sit on, I plant and pull weeds that way. I've GOT to have my hands in the dirt, one way or the other! I had the arthroscopic surgery on both knees, but it didn't take on my left knee, and now I've got bone on bone. A knee replacement isn't possible until next summer, so I make do with 600-mg ibuprofen. It helps most of the time. And I have a handicap tag on the car, since walking up the 45-degree hill to the office is next to impossible. It's amazing how knee pain effects your life!

    I remember hearing the "old folks" sit around talking about their meds and aches and pains. NOW I understand. It happens to most of us eventually, I guess. We just can't focus on it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Melody -
    I'm sorry you're having so much pain in your knee. I can relate. Had the x-rays etc. but was told nothing was wrong! Then why would my knee give way causing me to fall? The guess was weak muscles around it. I'm exercising, which I would not do were something wrong, and admit it is better. Wishing you great results and relief from pain very soon!

    I just discovered the amazing Susan Boyle video yesterday too. Thanks for sharing it.
    Peace and wellness to you and Dave!
    Ellen in Charlotte

  3. So sorry to hear about your knee pain. I hope the doctor comes up with something to help you.
    Thanks for the YouTube video! That was wonderful and amazing. It did bring tears to my eyes too. What a beautiful voice.

  4. Lesley B11:38 AM

    I regularly view your website as I love your quilts and they always inspire me. However, when I looked today I noticed your youtube link and decided to take a look. I was so glad I did. I actully live in the UK but did not watch this episode of Britain's Got Talent, so I am so glad that I saw this. Susan Boyle's voice blew me way! What a wonderful surprise! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I hope your knee is better soon. Thanks for sharing the youtube. I still can't get over what a beautiful and powerful voice she has. Made my day. Nancy

  6. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Dear Melody,
    I can feel with you about the pain in your knees, because I also had problems with my right knee for about 9 months. Walking was awful and I couldn´t even drive a car or sit in a car for more than 10 miles.
    Ten days ago I had arthroscopic surgery, three days in hospital. The doctor cleaned up the inside of my knee. What a joy to be able to walk again without pain.
    I hope you will soon without pain, too.
    All good wishes for you
    Ingrid (from Germany)

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Dear Melody,
    Wow that video just blew me away. It was fun to see them so wrong.
    I'am glad Dave's meds are helping him I hope they continue. Good luck with fixing your knee. We of a certain age do have knee pain and it isn't much fun.

  8. DH had this surgery in Jan. He was walking the next day.

  9. I share your loves of quiliting and gardening and the knee pain thing too. It MUST be age, unless you're Tiger or a football sort. I'm still holding off surgery with meds and cortisone shot; good luck with whatever road you take. I've watched that video twice now and LOVE it. Power to us women of a "certain age"!

  10. I can relate, with me it's my ankles & hip, I just had x-rays done & am waiting to hear what's up. My mom says that getting old isn't for sissies, guess she's right.
    The video was amazing! Yea for her. I hate when people make judgements about someone based on their looks, age, or whatever. She sure showed them.

  11. Susan Boyle was amazing, wasn't she? So few people live their lives competely enough to allow talents to develop; it's always wonderful to see.

    I hope your doctor is able to diagnose and "fix" you. Pain is no fun and entirely unnecessary! Good news about Dave, too, so chin up, Melody!

  12. Ive been a nurse for 36 yrs and knees are a piece of cake these days. You will be fine.

  13. JudyDear from Northport12:31 AM

    The Susan Boyle clip reinforces what I learned from being around quilters: If you judge a person's artistic (or other)capability by the way she looks, you are likely to be making a big mistake.
    Knees, hips, etc, and yes, we are turning into our mothers. Cortisone works wonders, usually the 2nd time around.
    And great news about Dave!

  14. I so agree with JudyDear about Susan. I want to bawl like a baby, partially because I know I would've been among those judging her by her looks - not that I'm anything to write home about - and I wonder how many friendships I have missed out on because I was being so judgemental. I will take this little lesson and keep it close to me.

    Now about the dog is having her second ACL surgery today, in fact I just got the call from the vet that she is out now. Phew. I hope if you require surgery that you will heal soon and be back doing the things you love very soon. Take care.


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