Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, We WILL Dye!

Yesterday I met with the owners of the Stone Light Studio quilt shop and we discussed details on the dye workshop I will be teaching.
First I will give a free lecture to explain the process, and show examples of what can be done using The Lazy Dyer method. See my sidebar for the link, which will continue to be available.
At the lecture people will register with a deposit. Space will be limited to 12 people. The workshop will be one month later. Wha? Well, this is going to be a two day affair and for people to make a commitment they will need time to arrange things.
In the meantime I must draft an up-to-date supply list and a description for their website etc. But here are the bare bones of what will happen:
First day: Fabric prep, ripping it down to half yards, mixing the soda ash solution, mixing dyes, and doing solids and gradations in containers, like gladware or baggies. I prefer gladware type stuff, with tight lids. These will be taken home and washed out the next day before the second day of class.
Second day: Color mixing again, and direct application techniques. Pleating, scrunching, and other things that I haven't got a good name for yet.. Aren't I just the top notch professional? Duh.
So that is the first session. I hope to engender a group out of this that will be interested in a second session which will entail dye painting, thickened dyes, overdyeing etc. We'll see.
For out of towners who cannot make the lecture, there will be arrangements made for you to participate. As long as you can read The Lazy Dyer, you will know the basics.
Dates: April 3. 7pm Lecture at The Stone Light Studio Soddy Daisy Tennessee (isn't that cute?)
Workshop: May 2 Saturday and 3, Sunday. Saturday 10-3:30 Bring your lunch. Sunday 1-5.
We don't have a cost yet.
PLEASE DON'T CALL THEM OR EMAIL THEM YET. Please. I have to get the supplies and stuff ready and I will post everything about this on this blog with links to their website etc.


  1. Looks like that's about 460 miles from me. But what fun it would be!!!

  2. I like the irony and eventuality of that title!

    Wish I was closer.

  3. Sounds great... no big dye vats. I always wanted to dye my own fabric but don't have a craft space near water, where I wouldn't be afraid of messing up my sink in the bathroom or kitchen.... so for now I will just have to drool over all your fabrics..

    Good luck with the class!

  4. Sounds like a great schedule--definitely do-able! I'm so lucky to live in Soddy Daisy! I will definitely be there!


  5. Is there a way for those of us long distance could work it out so that we only make ONE trip? It's about 5 hours one way for me, but I would be MORE than willing to do it for the weekend. However, I'm not sure I can make the lecture.
    I really, really, really, really, REALLY want to come!

  6. Yes Denise and anyone else who lives far away... Read the Lazy Dyer in the sidebar and that will provide all the info you will get at the lecture.
    All you will miss is fondly the actual samples. Sigh...

  7. Um I meant FONDLING not fondly.

  8. That sounds like so much fun! It's making me wish I hadn't recycled all my dye stuff to a friend a couple of years ago. Lucky people who can attend. You are a wonderful and gifted teacher and my 5 days of classes with you at Quilting-by-the-Sound were such a joy! I still have the machine quilting sample sandwiches we worked on in class! I fondly fondle all my fabrics a lot of the time:)

  9. Mel,

    Please count me in!!! I can come!

    Kristin in SC

  10. Liz in IN2:55 PM


    Hope local (future art-quilt buddies) peeps sign up, too.

    I will enjoy vicariously the post-weekend debriefing here.

  11. You know I will be there if I can. I have been wanting to take a dye workshop with you for a long time. I hope this will not be the only workshop.

  12. If I come, will I get the prize for largest distance travelled? Is the prize A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!


  13. I think I can work this in!!!


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