Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Armoire Story

I mentioned a few blogs ago (gosh I have been chatty lately) that Dave found this armoire on Craig's list and it was cheap and close enough to go for it. So I emailed the seller and set up the pick up for Sunday afternoon.
It weighs a TON and we were already exhausted so it stayed in the truck until today, our do nothing and recuperate day. Ha.
This time we used a dolly and wheeled it into the studio and looked at it and discussed options, most of which included new shelves, or a new paint job, or what we would put in it, and where?
Nothing seemed to be coming to us, and Dave was seriously thinking about a nap, so we just put it in the corner while he napped and I watched my fave HGTV show Decorating Cents.
And then an idea came to me. It couldn't hurt to try and see if these shelves and IKEA Trofast
plastic bins would fit. They did! Perfectly. Amazing!

These wire drawers have always been a problem/solution for me. They hold a lot and are movable, but they get so dusty when left out in the open, and just try and get the dust out of the slides. Not easy. This way I can cover the thing and keep the dust to a minimum.
The top shelf has my bolts of cotton and fusible web in back and bags of batting in front.

These Trofast bins are EXACTLY the right size for this side and stack so easily. I could use maybe four more, next time I go to IKEA (I tried to mail order them but shipping was $20 for one deep Trofast. I'd rather spend the gas to go there ).

I put my stereo on the bookshelf next to it and the speakers on the top, with the leftover shelves on top too. I don't think they will stay there forever, but they are off the floor for now.
So what did this armoire cost? $43. Pretty good bargain, eh?


  1. Wow! What a couple of happy "accidents"! Too cool! And, not that you asked for any input on layout, but when I saw the bottom photo, I immediately wanted to swap the position of the armoire and the smaller stereo shelf... Just my 2 cents :-)

  2. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Why not place the small book case along the wall on which the picture frames are leaning and push the amoire up into that corner. Looks kind of awkward so close to the door....unless of course, you'll need to push it before the door at night...LOL..

    On the other end could be your 'relax' area, read pull-out couch for midday naps.

  3. Yay! What a find and such a perfect fit! My two cents? In the corner at an angle with small shelves between it and the door. :) We're a bossy bunch! Good thing ya like us! LOL!

  4. O you guys! Why aren't you here when the heavy lifting is done? I put it where it is because of an electrical outlet which would have been covered on the other wall. And what you aren't seeing is the worktable which I rolled out of the way for the pictures. I will have my back to the armoire while I am working, and the outlet will be in the right place for my iron as I fuse.
    But I thank you for your input...

  5. I’ve had luck with moving heavy items on carpeting by pushing one end up an inch or two and sliding a large piece of cardboard or broken-down box under that end, then doing the same thing on the other side, then shimmying the thing over. The cardboard allows the whole thing to slide over the carpet as a unit. Or you can put one or two dowels under it and roll it. And I also discovered extension cords which have a flat profile plug. I have a heavy bookcase that sits in front of an outlet, and I plugged the extension cord in and let it hang out to the side like a tail for that day I know will come whne I want to plug something in. The flat profile allows me to push the bookcase snug up against the wall.

  6. Aaah (happy sigh). What serendipity!

  7. Bonnie9:22 PM

    Work it girl....I have the feeling nothing will ever be in one place as long as you're strong enough to move it. And, why should it?

  8. Liz in IN7:17 AM

    About the electrical outlet thing?

    This is why God gave us those plug-fits-flush-to-the-wall extension cords. ;-)

    It must have been a thrill to discover the shelves/bins fit into the armoire. Yeah, it doesn't take much to thrill me. :-)

    Such a great space--for both of you. Dave in his upstairs 'suite' and you in your big open studio = perfect. Enjoy!

  9. Love how handy the armoire is! I am a big fan of getting things put where they belong, and this just filled the bill! As for where to put the armoire, the logical place is where it works best for you! Go girl!


  10. What a perfect solution. I love the armoire, and I can't believe you only paid $43 for it. It will be interesting to see what color you paint it. Orange? Maybe a sponged application? I also had the same thought as Claire in her first post about swapping the armoire and bookcase, but would not have been brave enough to mention it. Besides, you like to move things around anyway. I have never seen an armoire with that top section - how perfect to smoosh batting in there!

    Kristin in SC

  11. I am just exhausted reading all these helpful instructions. Can you hear your podcasts? Can you see your tv? Is there a potty near by? Sounds like a great plan!

  12. There is no way I could work with my back to a door. Fung... you know and all that. But love what you do with stuff. Maybe I should watch more HGTV.

  13. Anonymous5:50 AM


    has a recent post on creating craft studios.

    I'm so glad you have the extra space!

    p.s. I hope to make the May workshop!!


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