Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They're Alive!!!

Three of the Gang of Five Goldfish are still alive and swimming lazily in our pond. And lots of dang babies are growing bigger and bigger and seem to be nearly the same size as the goldies. I am soooo relieved.
It got warm yesterday and I had a fourth of an ounce of energy left and decided to spend it on cutting back the clematis which needs to be cleared out before new sprouts appear on the old stems. I saw lots of green leaflets so Whack Whack Whack and now we will have neat and fresh new clematis this Spring. While I was pulling out dead geraniums I noticed that glimmer of orange in the water. I ran (OK hobbled) around to the other side with the sun behind my back and saw them. THREE goldies. I was jubilant and called to Dave. I was so excited and he thought I was overdoing it. But really it is a relief to me that in January the ice covered pond didn't kill everything in it. For some reason the pond is so low, and who could believe there was enough water in there for them to be able to breathe. I obsess.

We had such a nice time last summer sitting by the pond and counting fish and I didn't want to miss that or have to start over. Altho I do have plans to add to our menagerie. Nothing fancy, but who can say if the remaining three are girls or boys? So adding a bunch more may balance out the social pool and lead to romance... Sigh

Dang Babies? See this video


  1. So glad your little fishies made it. Our friends raise Koi in a pond out east and they just hang around sort of dormant at the bottom all winter. Babies are held in big tanks in the basement till spring but the adults are perfectly fine outside.

  2. You have babies, too? That's good news!

  3. I was thinking about your goldfish when I awoke this morning and wondering if they would survive the winter. How delighted I was to learn that at least 3 of them are alive and well and with lots of babies. Hope your turtle is still around too!

  4. I can't believe you found the commercial on YouTube! I totally imagined something made more locally, but it's nice to finally 'get it'. And hooray for the fishies!

  5. Anonymous3:16 PM

    We have fish in our pond in the back yard and I know how you feel when you see they all made it thru the winter. So far so good but winter is not over in Elgin. We have a heater in the pond to keep a small opening for oxygen to get in and gases to get out. We made the mistake of naming the fish after the grandchildren that picked them out. One day Mr. Blue hernon paid a visit and Spencer and Erik were never seen again. We now have 15 fish and only 2 of them have names. We start 4 years ago with 4 and with only 1 rescue fish we have grown to 15. They say they can come in on ducks feathers or plants you might buy so don't buy any more fish. We usually have 3 batches abou 2 surive if the frogs and other fish and hernons don't get them. I know how much fun & relaxing it is to watch the fish. Can't wait for spring in Elgin.


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