Monday, February 09, 2009

The Big Studio Move: It's Finished

When you walk through the entrance you see a blank wall. NOTHINGNESS. This will have to change. I tucked all the stuff on the left side of the room and it still feels wide open to me. My worktable has wheels so it can be moved anywhere necessary. Same with the big wire shelves.

My view from my sewing area, also a big nothingness. (That WILL change. I have plans...)
On the right is the fireplace and on the left I placed a chair for the phone and answering machine. Then we have the current outdoor view from the big sliders.

Upstairs in the old studio, we have moved the flat screen, an old table and the old fart chairs.

Dave was in the process of hooking up the cable and then he decided to move the TV from that spot to under the window. To do this he has to run the cable line under the house to up onto the side roof. I am hoping it is as simple as he thinks. There is already an existing covered hole on that wall from the previous owners, and maybe, just maybe the line will already be there, dangling in the crawl space.

I have just written a friend about why this studio moving decision was so delicate:

I made this mental change when we moved here. It was to be Dave's turn. I got everything I wanted in the old house and now that he has retired, I wanted him to have the best...whatever that might be.
Since I thought I wouldn't be doing much artwork while we were decorating, it didn't seem like I needed to have a different studio when I wasn't even using the one I had.
One day mid-decorating, I wanted to work in the studio and Dave was asleep in the next room, and I usually have on the stereo or tv or my very loud sewing machine, and I drop things, move stuff and stomp around and it was obviously not conducive to his sleeping. (He has to nap often because he can only have two hours of sleep at a time, because of taking meds every two hours, night or day).So we both came up with the same solution. He mentioned it first, but I ignored him at the time. Then after looking at HGTV for two days, I realized that we could use that room for me and upstairs for him, and the big TV.
And now I can GET BACK TO ARTWORK!!!


  1. Bless your heart, I'm so happy to see this fitting you both so well! And it will be fun to see how this spurs you on to new creativity! :)

  2. That all looks very promising. But I'm still waiting to hear what the armoire is for. And where are you putting it?

  3. What cracks me up is that you and Dave really make a move once your mind is made up. I mean I was just barely getting used to the idea that you were moving your space and BAM! Today it's a done deal. What a wonderful space for you and what a great idea to use that space. The view is incomparable and I think you will be happy there.

  4. very nice your blog..

  5. What a great space along with a fabulous view. I hope the cable tv hooks up easy for your husband. I know how difficult crawl spaces can be when trying to wire things up.


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