Friday, February 13, 2009

Decorating the Studio

Regina (blogless) kindly sent me a link to a terrific blog which then took me to a slideshow of the most gorgeous studio.
And then I looked around at my space. Shall I decorate it? Or shall I just use it to make art?
This is not the first time I have considered this question. When I traveled alot teaching, I was often the guest of quilters with an unbelieveable studio set ups. Tons of lovely fabric, a super worktable and lots of light and wallspace for art. I always wondered how come I didn't have a space like that? I am the professional art quilter here ( I always try to encourage myself) and my studio is white and white. Or as it is now white and beige.
Do I put in the energy to make it adorable or do I get back to work and make art?
Can I do both?
I think I will, but not today. It has been too long since I made a quilt or a painting and I am dying to be doing something. A little fabric fondling music Maestro!


  1. Wow - thanks for the links to other studios....that lead me to more and more ideas!

    I think, like with most things creative, that whatever energizes you more is the path to take.

    So if some one is at a point where decorating and arranging or creating their studio would help them do more of the creative work they want to be doing....they should go for it. If some one else is feeling like they want to do their creative work, and they don't want to organize/decorate/clean up their studio....they should do their work! Move toward inspiration!!!

    Hope you enjoy your new space! I know you'll create fabulous things there!!


  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Wow, truly awesome. I would be afraid to mess it up. Couldn't work there at all. I would just look at it everyday in awe! Isn't it amazing that some people can keep such order?

    I have just decided that I don't like crafting, it makes too much of a messy confusion and depresses me. I'll stick to garment sewing, learn to knit and maybe a bit of quilting.

    She needs more threads.

  3. Well... I checked out the other studios, and what attracted me the most was their organization, definitely not their decor. I look at my studio as a workspace, and so the most important features for me are those that help me keep thinks where they belong, so I don't spend a lot of time rummaging around looking for what I need. Guess I'm just not into 'decorative' as much as I am into 'functional'!

  4. I had a huge wonderful studio space that I painted a lovely blue. For about six months after that everything I created came out that color or something matching. I had to think very intentionally about breaking out of that, so for that reason I think white on white is ideal.

    The studio in the slide show is amazing. I can't help but think it was created just for those photos then she put away some of the kitch and got to work. LOL!

  5. Melody, the pictures you've shared with us of your studio in Cary alwasys made me envious. I especially loved the black & white tile floor. Why not do something similar again? You produced MUCH wonderful work there.

  6. I've slowly been turning my living rm/dining room into a studio for me. Right now it is just so white and blah! I think I would be spending more time in there if it were more appealing! I don't want to go as far as some of those pictures, but I just need less blahness--maybe that's how you're feeling, since it's obvious by the gorgeous colors in your house that you are so NOT blah! I can't wait to see today's creation!

  7. For some folks (like me), decorating is a process. I know that often to get started on a new project, I've got to tidy up...I've seen you mention this too. I think that the decoarating of the studio is just an extension of this, and just like decorating any space, takes time. Time to live in it and use it, decide on where things need to be to be functional, trying them out there etc... Enjoy your space!

  8. How interesting to see that slide show! I wouldn't dare go in there and do any quilting work. I'd just sit there with the pretty kitty! Maybe once you get cracking, you'll have pieces to hang on your wall so it becomes a gallery/studio -- paintings, quilts and other lovely things:)

  9. I agree with one comment on how strong some of the themes were in some of these studios it would be hard to hang any of your completed quilts in them. However, I find that my studio inspires me to be creative and if it is a mess and not fun to be in, it is much harder to work there.
    I just wish it were bigger!!!

  10. Here is an artist studio I yearn for:

  11. I can't quite see you in an "adorable" studio.
    Of course you are adorable but your quilting style is more sophisticated and arty and professional and polished than adorable!!!!!!!

  12. I agree with Life Looms Large. Whatever inspires you is what you should have. My studio is a very small bedroom. I have art by me and other people all over the walls; you can hardly see paint. I, too, get the impression that the studio in the link was "staged" for the photos.

    Whatever worked before for you was a WINNER!


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