Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Assembly Required

At last the new bed is assembled and it is the center piece in my design fantasy for Dave's new bedroom, upstairs in the guest room. How many rooms has he slept in? All of them. This was where he started out when we first moved in and now he's back.
It tooks us several weeks to gird our loins to put this bed together. We waited until the weather warmed up, in case we had enough energy left to remove the old bed to the garage. We didn't. Maybe we will today.
The ceilings are much lower in these upstairs rooms so we had to saw two inches off the uprights in order to clear the ceiling. It worked! This IKEA bed is very sturdy, no wiggling at all. It is yellow painted pine and happened to match an existing bedspread and pillow set. LUCKY.
That hanging paper lantern is temporary. It is lime green like the walls.
The new red chest that was in the dining area is perfect here. I never did put anything in the drawers, so I didn't have to switch it out any contents. And I just stuck those paintings up because there were already nails in the wall. They will be replaced with something more appropriate, later.
I surprised Dave with his own laptop, and I gave him a table just like mine, since I had two. The white chair and ottoman are for watching tv and reading and the black chair has a new home too.
This worked out so nicely and last night we also set up the dvd player in my room and watched a movie there for the first time. Very cozy.
Now we are going to empty the big back room and start figuring out what to do there. Thank heavens for Craig's List.


  1. I love this room! The colors are some of my favorites. It really works well together. Great job! I lust love IKEA.

  2. Where did you get that cool sconce (sp?) on the wall?

  3. I like the pillow even better now in situ, so to speak. Missed you yesterday-hope all is well.

  4. I remember you weren't quite content with the pillow. How nicely it goes with this wonderful wall colour! A real recreation room.

  5. The room is great! You really are good at this! :)

  6. You know how we get 3-D glasses with some movies?...We need sunglasses with your site. Beautiful decorating!

  7. Rhonda M.12:34 PM

    Melody, this has been so interesting to see how you made the move, went about making this house yours. It is very cool, and thank you for including us along the way.

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    You've both been working hard by the look of things. I think I can see your studio next door there, does that mean that Dave wanted to spend time closer to you or did it just happen that way?

  9. Gorgeous! Reminds me of a previous incarnation of one of my daughter's rooms. She had a similar wall colour and yellow bed curtains (canopy bed). I love it.

  10. Love the colours, the bed and that lovely white retro looking chair,

  11. Love that bed. I saw it and the great red chest yesterday at Ikea. The room looks perfect.

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