Sunday, January 25, 2009

Easy, Crafty and Colorful

I have been saving this project for a day when I had nothing to blog. This is the day. I painted and stamped these boxes in preblogging days and have been using them non-stop ever since. The boxes themselves came from Michael's and the paint is just cheapo craft paint. However
what makes them so fun are the stamps I got from Sherrill Kahn's website, Impressmenow.
Her books are some of my very faves and her stamps come unmounted so that you can just cut them apart and use immediately.

I painted the boxes with foam brushes, in all the colors of the rainbow. The ink used for the stamping is the same paint, either brushed onto the stamp with the foam brush (which works the best) or squirted onto a piece of smooth sponge and used like a stamp pad.

It hardly matters if you are neat with the underpainting, as the stamping will make the final result look 'artistic' if you know my meaning. I also used some nicer gold metallic paint, on a piece of sponge to highlight areas.

Boxes like these are great for small things that have no other home. Old love letters, bills you are avoiding, yarn leftovers, and single socks looking for a mate, etc.
We spent the whole dang day yesterday in bed snoozing and watching HGTV. At our age, one day of work, and one day of recuperation seems to be our habit.


  1. Those boxes are gorgeous! Looks like another book I must have.

  2. What a terrific idea and they are gorgeous!

  3. Those boxes are truly a work of art! Can you use the same paint and stamps on fabric? A colorful shower curtain perhaps???

  4. What fun to paint something so wonderfully that you enjoy using it over and over!

  5. Great thing! Gess what I'll try next. And once again, your scale of colours is adorable. Another idea is to stamp paper instead of the item itself and to glue it on the box like wallpaper. This method gives yet more room for experiments.

  6. Another fun project from you, Melody. The boxes are very cool--storage doesn't always look so good!
    I wanted to tell you that I did go to my retreat and I did work on a piece, Melody style, and had a wonderful time with it. A friend of mine, Linda Zokan, who is a great designer in her own right, put a picture of it on her blog--
    For some reason most of her pictures came out a bit blurry, but you can get the gist of it. My son, the artist, had a few mild critiques, but I had a wonderful time with it. You've opened up a whole new world for me and I thank you dearly!

  7. Love the boxes, but mostly love the fact that you and your sweetie spent all day in bed watching TV and napping. I am very familiar with the "work one day", "recuperate the next day" syndrome. Today is one of my "recuperation" days. I am vastly relieved to find that I'm not the only one who has to do this!! Thanks.

  8. Love the boxes! Very cool.

    Kristin in SC

  9. I adore a good box! I have started to treat myself to pretty Christmas boxes, something like this I could pull out when the winter boxes go away. LOVE it! I have stamps, but the question is, do I have enough stamps? LOL!

  10. Wow - love your sense of color!!! Your blog is just the shot of color I need in the midst of a cold winter in NH!!


  11. I love reading your blog! Always so entertaining...loved the word picture that I had when you wrote about what you could put in your box! Isn't everything single looking for a mate?

  12. Those boxes are very beautifull. Much better to keep your orphan stuff in than just a shoe box.


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