Friday, January 09, 2009

Print Parade #1

Print Parade #1, commercial and hand dyed cottons, machine pieced and machine quilted. 22"square.

Print Parade #1 detail

I decided that I would quilt up one of these a day and find someplace in the house to hang them. They turquoise border is perfect for coordinating with my turquoise wall. I just have to make the decision of where to pound the hanging nail. eek.

Collage #1, oils, 36" square

Hanging the art makes the room look most like our room. Familiar paintings or quilts makes it seem more like home. I have the luck to have nails already in place in the woodwork, making hanging these a snap.

Sun/Storm, hand dyed cottons, fused, machine quilted, 48x30"

I was surprised, in a good way, how much this quilt coordinated with the bench fabric. Amazing. And of course it was made years ago, and just brought out from the archives.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Oh my! these are absolutely gorgeous colours. I particularly love the bench, the wall and the painting above, it is so rich!
    I have been reading and enjoying your blog for a while. I grew up in Africa and your colour schemes and use of pure hues are something I am very familiar with. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

  2. Love your house, and that square painting is divine!

  3. I love the luscious colors in today's quilt. I will definitely enjoy seeing your daily quilts; it's like a little gift every day. :)

  4. Love the joyous new quilt. Your house is just glowing with warm color! Truly a happy home for your retirement.

  5. If anyone had doubts that the wall paint is chosen well, they must be gone now! Together with these gorgeous quilts, the whole place has become a piece of art.

  6. Just love Sun/Storm--the colors are absolutely amazing and perfect for the space! What a happy house it is going to be when you are done. Maybe a video tour for us all when it's finished???

  7. I love it and you are right, hanging your work does make a house a home. Your home. The color is oh so happy!

  8. Mel,

    I love your new little piece. How fun. I was also thinking along the lines of Eva's comment when she says the "... whole place has become a work of art"! It is all so uniquely you. I love the Sun/Storm painting. It goes so well with the bench fabric. And I agree with Cathi - a video tour of your artful home would be fun!

    Kristin in SC

  9. Mel, that wasn't all that many years ago. I remember when you brought that group of quilts to PAQA. Loved them then, still love them now. Check out by blog for my NEW addiction.


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