Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's A Quilt!
Starring Yellow, cotton, machine pieced and machine quilted, 48x60"

A few buttons were scattered about for interest.
The Prairie Points were secured with buttons too.
I tried out the effectiveness of this quilt last night in front of the TV. It passed with flying colors.
So soft and cuddly. Before I finished the top I added a narrow blue/purple border since I was out of yellows and needed to bind it with something. That made it bigger of course, which was a good thing.
OK, so I got that off my to-do list. And it is just in time for show and tell next week. Speaking of, the LQS is also starting a knitting club, the third Wednesday of the month. I will have to join that one too.
On the home dec front, Popeye loves the new rugs. They are soft as Dave's bed and no jumping up is required. He sleeps with one eye open, in case someone might not see his huge self and step on him. No chance.


  1. Those random spots of purple/blue are perfect! They tie everything together so well. I have enjoyed watching your progress on this project and I am glad that the new quilt works so well:)

  2. I love the quilt! Bright and cheerful. I love yellow, I live in a yellow house that is bright and cheerful. Popeye is very sweet looking while laying there.

  3. The cat looks very comfy...ah AH CHOO!
    The quilt came together beautifully and I love the texture that the praire points and buttons add. Also with the blue binding and points it really brought all the colors into balance. It has been fun to see this one progress!

  4. It's all looking very snuggly. Everytime I see that rug it looks more interesting. Apparently Popeye thinks so too.

  5. I love the buttons! They add so much good humour and a playful note, especially on the hill bits -- ehm, prairie points (notes: *keep learning new terms*). Just great!

  6. I think the praire points and blue binding are an ingenious addition to this quilt. I like the buttons too. Love the quilt!

    Kristin in SC

  7. I love prairie points but have never used them haphazardly in a quilt as you have. Just great!

  8. Beautiful the prairie points! I saw them in many artistic-quilt.I like better them free to move without button, but yours are realy cute.

  9. So glad you added the blue-purple border and points to bridge the center block. The buttons are like little tickles as I enjoy your wonderful quilt.

  10. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Love your title, love the quilt. Very cheerful!


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