Saturday, January 10, 2009

Print Parade #2
Print Parade #2, commercial and hand dyed cottons, machine pieced and quilted, 22" square.

I am ready for Valentine's Day with this color scheme, eh? Since I love dots, I decided to add them dimensionally with buttons. I hope you don't think I sewed all those buttons on by hand.

There is a great trick which I use for all my button sewing needs. I tape the button in place, drop my feed dogs and use a zigzag stitch to sew them on. Remove tape and you're done.

I may make a habit of using these buttons...
I am late blogging today because I overslept. During the night I was awakened by the blazing light of the full moon. I mean REALLY BRIGHT. This happens every month. My room has a demi-lune window which is aligned perfectly with that darn satellite. I must find my sleep's here somewhere.


  1. I couldn't believe it when I posted earier than you today!
    Never happened before and probaby never will again!

  2. Putting the tape on the button while sewing it on is a great idea! I always had trouble with mine slipping around. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the button tip, I really like what that does to give texture and a shot of color in just the right place. I'm also really taken with the quilting patterns you're making that add another layer of interest. Love this!

  4. Love the brights and the free form of this series. Thanks for sharing.
    Ginny Gaskill

  5. I love this one with the hot pinks and lime greens those are some of my favorite colors! I noticed the moon being very bright last night as well, it also disturbs my sleep.

  6. These are really fun pieces. I spent a couple of hours today at Barnes & Noble going through my copy of Sandi's book again and getting some ideas. It was fun--now to put them into action--I'm going on a retreat starting Thursday so I'm hoping to have some fun with her techniques, as well as the inspiration I have gotten from you, while I am there.

    I read online somewhere yesterday that last night and again tonight, the moon will be the brightest it will be in all of 2009--so be prepared again tonight!

  7. These quilts are really great as single pieces!
    The full moon has a trine to Uranus on Sunday, the sun has a trine to Saturn. A good moment for negotiations and some hope.

  8. Ha! I'll quilt a sleepmask!

  9. Oooh! I love the bright colors! So joyful and happy! Beautiful work!

  10. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Definitely eye candy, I am really 'feeling' for Parade #2. I think it's the dark background. I love anything dark, live my life in black
    Loving this piece.

  11. These are really shaping up as individual quilts. Love the addition of buttons - who woulda thunk it? We also had a very bright moon last night, but it didn't wake anybody up.

  12. Love the quilts of the past few days. Thanks for the inspiration (as always.)

  13. I believe the weather man said that the moon is closer to the earth tonight than it will be any other time during 2009.

  14. I really love these colors and your stitching is beautiful. I think I'm going through a color metamorphasis (sp?) I never liked pink before and now I find myself being drawn to it!

  15. Really great work, Melody!

    Glad I'm not the only one awakened by the full moon. I'm like "danged neighbors! Must not have turned off their outside lights!" Then got up and saw what it was. Amazing.


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