Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moving In

We haven't seen the bluebirds at all since they first visited our place. But now the birdhouse has begun to change. Today I noticed that a large wad of pine needles and such is wedged into the opening. And the fluff and stuff in that metal cage next to the house is reduced quite a bit.
Somebody is definitely redecorating, besides us I mean.
We are moving closets, putting up hanging shelves and redistributing collections of things. Once again I am having to face reality. I haven't used the super heavy down comforters, thicker winter sweaters, coats for dreadfully cold weather, all sorts of pillows, dishes, baking pans, etc. So lots of this stuff is either going to Goodwill (where I may have gotten it in the first place) or being stored in the garage. The garage is filling up fast.
I uncovered another sweatshirt to add to my collection. Now I have five. This is my favorite thing to wear. Most of mine have pockets and a hood, for walking to the mailbox in the rain. Our simpler life results in a simpler wardrobe. Choices are reduced to long sleeved t-shirts or short-sleeved t-shirts. Two pairs of jeans, both black. Easy.
PS. Frontline on PBS is doing a program on Parkinson's Disease. Since Dave has this we thought you might watch and learn what is being done to fight this.


  1. Don't get rid of the comforters. You never know when you will a cold snap. Just get one of those bags you vacuum the air out of. You will be amazed at how small those comforters get. And, now that my hot flashes have all but disappeared (except when I have alcohol) I am turning into a regular sweater girl!! Last winter it was t-shirts!

    I'm still watching my birds chow down on bird seed. I think I need to refill today.

    I will check out that pbs show. I don't tell my dad much because he gets so paranoid that everything that can happen to you with PD will happen to him. He's still working out 3 days a week with a trainer and actually played 9 holes of golf last weekend (usually he just rides along).


  2. I too have seen a couple of bluetits flying in and out of the nesting box which I cleaned out in the autumn. Makes you feel spring is just around the corner, doesn't it, in spite of the cold weather over here in the northwest UK.
    Keep watching!

  3. lovely to know that you and the birds are in synch....everyone is feathering their nests.

    Our family hasn't been touched by Parkinson's, but I'll watch because many of my friend's families have. I didn't know that Dave had it. I hope they find a cure.

  4. Thanks for the link. Love to you and Dave.

  5. I sure thought the squirrels had made that hole big, but now it looks like you were was the blue birds after all.

    I love the green moss on the tree the bird house is attached to!

  6. I have parkinsons in the family as well as a boss with it. Not an easy journey, my prayers will be with you. I hope you get to see your bluebirds again soon. hugs

  7. Mel,
    Thank you for posting this link. It was helpful to have a site with a good background on Parkinsons Disease. A very interesting read. One of the areas of treatment I didn't run into there was Gamma Knife Radiosurgery. I understand there are some Parkinsons cases that have found benefit from it as well. I had cranial Gamma Knife surgery this past December for a different reason. We are living in amazing times with fantastic developments occurring daily. The best to You and Dave, and a toast to those tireless researchers.

  8. Liz in IN6:14 AM

    Mice. Just sayin... ;-)


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