Thursday, January 29, 2009

Closet Nirvana

It took most of three days to rearrange our closets. Dave wanted a closet in his room upstairs, but it was full to overflowing with my sewing and painting crap. I said NO, and then reconsidered when he suggested I could have the huge main closet downstairs. Hmmm. I thought. Hmm again. Adding another shelf in there would make it GREAT for all my junk. And I wouldn't have to stoop over to find something in that upstairs closet. Yes. We closed the deal. Dave did most of the moving of my stuff, due to my bad knee, but now it's done and we are both sooooo happy.
Doesn't his closet look nice and neat?

Most of my fabric, yarn and mailing stuff is now visible and accessible. I have a dedicated step stool permanently assigned to this closet. I say most of my fabric and yarn... there are still a few more boxes in the garage and potting shed. We won't even discuss the garage stored quilts and picture frames. Eeek.
I hesitate to declare that we have finally found the permanent arrangement of bedrooms and closets, but it looks to be a perfect setup. It has taken us this long to make these choices because we have never lived like this in all the 30 years of our marriage. And the house is quirky in its layout, so we had to figure that out to make the most of it. Add to that the downsizing, which we keep re-doing.
And is it really downsizing when we have two extra buildings with huge amounts of storage space for all this stuff? I can't answer that.
Anyway now I am ready to make the damn living room drapes and after that return to painting again. I will try and do a quilting thing or two a week, but it will be paintings for a while, until garden time arrives.


  1. It sounds like you like making drapes like I do. Ugh! I hate even making simple curtains any more.

    Your closet looks very colorful and inviting, with everything so accessable.

  2. Love this orderly piling-up of materials! But I guess this is the one unlucky love of my life. Nirwana means "no wind blows". Is that true?

  3. Wow! You've been busy, but look how nice they turned out! Good for you!

  4. I would love to have a closet that looked that neat and clean and colorful.

  5. Yes, the closets look very nice! I love it. They inspire me to organize my studio/office closets. In fact, I'm going to do that as soon as I finish reading the blogs in my Google Reader! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. You could have so much more room in that closet if you roll folded you fabric yardage around a 6" or 8" cutting ruler and stacked it on the shelves. Then move the bulky plastc containers to the garage. See here on how to fold it...

    (I not the blogger from the website - just some who has found out how to fold fabric so that it takes up less space)

  7. Anonymous2:06 PM

    LOL... I've learned how to fold my fabric stash but I haven't learned how to proof read before I hit post!


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