Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fabric Dyeing 101 with Melody Johnson

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at dyeing fabric, or have tried it before and want to know more, then plan to join Melody for a free and informative talk about dyeing cottons and silks.
Melody has been the co-owner (with Laura Wasilowski) of Artfabrik Hand Dyed Fabrics and Threads since 1990. Her experience in dyeing all kinds of cottons and silks as well as embroidery threads and yarns makes her well-versed in the techniques required to produce colors from subtle to saturated. Melody will show examples of fabrics dyed in her own original patterns and textures and will explain the process to achieve these gorgeous results.

This informal lecture will whet your whistle for the workshop in May.

Level: Beginner to Advanced—Two days—No sewing machine required
We will be using Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dyes, the most dependable, lightfast and washfast dyes in the industry. Day One: Participants will learn the basic techniques to dye solids, crackle, sueded textures and gradations using low water immersion. Day Two: Participants will learn how to use dyes in direct applications to produce blended shades, water color effects, pleating for texture and sunbaking, if the weather cooperates!
Supply list for this class:
Kit fee includes, dye and chemicals, 6 yards of prepared for dyeing cotton fabric.
$40 per student
Participants responsible for -
Old clothes, comfortable shoes, and an apron and RUBBER GLOVES.
24 small lidded disposable plastic containers, such as Gladware.
Bucket and dishpan (or two dishpans)
Plastic spoons
50 gallon garbage bags for second day
old newspapers

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