Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Corkscrew Toque (that's Canadian)

I am on a hat-making binge. I have enough socks, altho some are starting to get a bit thin in the heel or toe, so I may revert to socks in the near future. But for now, I am partial to hats, knit in the round and with the idea of using up scraps or leftovers stash yarn. This yarn was a disappointment, dye-wise, but I love the yarn itself. Opal 6-ply with the Hundertwasser label.

I bought it when I was teaching in St. Moritz in 2007, made the socks while I was there and since it is a skein of 467 yards (!!) I had lots of yardage left.

I was hoping to do an all mitered squares hat, but the coloration didn't play up the design well, so I switched to simpler faster stitch patterns. A row of miters, followed by 3 rows of purl and then three rows of knit with popcorns every five or six stitches, and then more purl. After that double seed stitch. Even that looks like a mush-mosh-mess.
I decreased to finish and then left with an uneven three stitches (?) I decided to add a corkscrew.
Here's how: Cable cast on a lot of stitches....I didn't count. More than 50 I think. Then increase 3 (k,p,k) into each stinkin' stitch. Turn and knit the whole thing and then bind off loosely (they always say that) and watch the corkscrew happen! So fun. I am putting two more on this hat before I call it finished.
Today is the first meeting of the knit group at the quilt shop. I am going. I hope the weather doesn't prevent others from venturing out. It has snowed for two days and nights and now we have almost an inch on the ground. Heavens!


  1. I love that hat! These yarns are very nice for embroidery, if split in two threads. The slight change of colour gives the embroidery a vintage look.

  2. You said 'toque' and 'snow' in the same blog entry. I feel very at home here. ;-)

  3. I should learn how to make socks and hats, they look so cool when you do them. I can knit... sort of. I taught myself but I have no idea what stitches are named and no idea what a pattern is trying to tell me. I must learn. I would love to wear socks that are as cool as those!

  4. that toque for me?? Your favourite Canadian??

    Eh? (though we don't end our sentences with "eh" in Nova Scotia....everything just ends up sounding like a question....)


  5. I like the way it knit up. You will look very "jaunty" at your knit meet up with your new hats!

  6. Hundertwasser would have loved the hat. Be sure when you wear it you wear it a little crooked!
    Love the corkscrew tassel. I'll have to find a place to used that idea!

  7. PS I read your escape hatch binding and I can't wait to try it!

  8. Liz in IN7:11 AM

    Love the Hundertwasser-inspired Opal. Didn't know they came in the 6-ply weight, though! Will have to investigate that.

    Nothing like a nice toque, eh?

    (Another ex-pat Canadian)

  9. carol fun3:19 PM

    i love the hat - at this very moment i am sitting here knitting socks with this exact same yarn!! i'll have to see how much i have left after i get the second sock done - cute cute hat -- thanks for the inspiration --

    carol fun

  10. Anonymous5:45 PM

    I like your hat. Can you offer a pattern for the hat? or give some instructions online so we can see how to make it>

    thanks mary p

  11. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Do you have a pattern for your hat? Love it!


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