Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day!
We are watching the inauguration of Barack Obama and Joe Biden today.
We are so jubilant!!
Why is this bed here?
We are about to rearrange furniture again. I was busy all night long imagining room makeovers in my near-sleep. Dave decided to move his bedroom up to the guest room while we are going to be renovating the big back room. Out goes everything, either to the garage or upstairs and then it's decision day for flooring, paint, lighting and rugs. It never ends...until the fat lady sings and I am tuning up as we speak.
Have a great turning over the administration day. I know we will.


  1. Happy Inauguration Day! It really should be a national holiday.

  2. We are truly getting it right today! So glad we live in a time of video, endless news and all. It means someone will have a tape of the proceedings for me to watch when I get home from work tonight. What a grand day.

  3. I agree, it should be a holiday. I took the day off work so that I could watch it as it happens. It's a new day and I'm so proud!

  4. Rhonda M.11:04 AM

    Melody, just read your BLOG for today, now I have to go watch Inaug. myself. Yes, a good day.

  5. Watching it as we speak. So disappointed in Michelle's dress. Is that bad? Her daughters look gorgeous.

  6. I am surprised the trumpeters lips don't stick to the trumpets. It's so cold!

  7. Hooray for America! It's a grand day, for sure. I feel filled with hope and possibility! Melody, I love the metaphor of you emptying out a room and starting from "What do we want to create here?" It feels like what we are doing as a country.

  8. YEEE HAA!!!
    WHoop WHoop!
    RAH RAHS!!

  9. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Well the fat lady did sing! Aretha Franklin?

    Man, we aren't even Americans and my sister closed her surgery and stayed home to watch! We watched together with telephone contact! How's that for world-wide support!

  10. A most excellent day, so inspirational and historic!
    And I love the bed, it would look lovely draped in your quilts!


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