Friday, December 12, 2008

We've Decided

OR35 Orange for the main three walls and 5006-10B Turquoise Tint for the accent wall.

I'm making the bench cushions a watermelon red linen, not too matchy-matchy, a phrase I learned from watching the decorating shows. That wall furnace is going away, maybe even today! In it's place I am thinking I'll put a tall bookcase or a big honkin' plant.

The main wall here will be the orange and that will be a big contrast against the white IKEA Expedit unit.

This propane ventless fireplace will be installed at the far end of the room (not hooked up yet) and it will be the focal point as you enter the house.
Pond Update!

It's been raining non-stop for three days and the pond filled up to overflowing. Or got cold enough to freeze this morning, so we have perfectly clear thin ice across the top. Our cars are encased in ice, like great big jewels. No one is going out till the sun returns, which it is forecasted to do, finally.


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Just look at that gorgeous quilt placed ever so casually over that

    I like your white IKEA bookcase with those wonderful paraphernalia...what is that little stereo set doing there???

    Just spent 30mins sweeping leaves from my front yard, very invigorating!!!!Now for a nice hot cuppa.

  2. Dear Anon,
    We have been moving that little stereo set around and finally found THE spot where FM reception is great. The bookcase hides the wires and the speakers have more or less proper separation. It makes such a difference to have found this spot, and to listen to NPR without static or losing signal.

  3. I love your color choices! With those colors and brightness I would be willing to bet your radio reception will intensify, too! Can't wait to see it!

  4. The colors are PERFECT.
    Can't wait to see the finished room.
    Knowing the two of you it will be finished very soon.

  5. WooHoo! Bring on the party music, this joint is going to be jumping!

  6. Anonymous11:02 AM

    clors are too dark. You'll be sorry!!

  7. Love those colors and the hue is perfect...don't worry about them being too dark. When I had my home in Mexico, the outside was painted in 4 bright colors and I never tired of it. Your colors are very Mexican, and the painted white surfaces will really be stunning against them.

  8. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Congrats on your choice of colors for the walls. I can't wait to see the finished product. It will be gorgeous.


  9. Orange and blue are my school colors: good choice. And orange is my favorite color: great choice. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  10. WOW Melody is for sure. You continue to inspire me, first quilts, now walls. I painted my kitchen/work area that sunset yellow a few years ago, ceiling and all, I love it, it lifts my spirits just to walk in the room. Time to start thinking about the rest of the place with different eyes, AKA, Melody.

  11. yum. I'm suffering serious envy over your shot orange curtain fabric, too.

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