Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Accent Wall

We are thrilled with the color. Dave is such a great painter. The turquoise against the white is dazzling and makes such a difference over that old safe wall color. We could never figure out what the old color was, and in my mind I settled on Aged Newsprint. Today he begins the rest of the room with Orange!

While having a video chat* with my brilliant sister Brooke in Singapore, she asked me what color I planned to paint my bedroom.
Gut reaction was PINK, but then I wavered.
Everything that excites me is red, so when am I ever going to get a red bedroom? Um...not red walls, but red everything else. So I began to think about RED and remembered that my first inclination for covering my headboard was red and it still existed underneath the pink headboard cover, so the next thing I needed to see was a red bedspread.

I had three yards of this dot from IKEA and finally found the scraps leftover from making the headboard which I added as a border to the not-quite-wide-enough dot fabric. I removed the pink cover on the headboard and made a matching pillow case for the other pillow.

I will have to remove the vestiges of the pink plaid today and start imagining the rest of the new color scheme. I think the walls will have to stay white (repainted, I mean), but I am visualizing a big red felt pinup board on the 'office' side of the room. I already have plenty of red in the art quilts and accessories.
*Video Chats*

This summer my old laptop bit the dust so I went to my local all purpose store, Walmart, and bought an inexpensive-loaded-with-ram laptop to replace my IBM. It came with a built in camera and mike, but I paid no attention. Now the email program I use is Gmail from Google and they are constantly coming up with new cool stuff, one of which is video chats. Both Brooke and I downloaded the application and now we chat every other day or so, across the world, for free! I see her clearly and she sees me. I usually have bed head as it is usually at 5am my time and 7pm her time. This is what she sees. Not my best angle.


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    OH MY GOODNESS - I just LOVE the turquoise wall!!! Can't wait to see the orange. Mechelle

  2. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Completely and totally stunning! Excellent choice!

  3. I'm in love with the turquoise wall. You're right, the white trim just makes it pop! I wish I had the size room and light to make that work.
    I like what you have started in your bedroom. Red is not really a restful color, but your eyes are closed anyway!

  4. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Melody, that turquoise is fabulous. I can't wait to see the orange.

    I do truly wish I had your ambition to be doing all the changes that you do! Again, its all eye candy for me and I thank you!


  5. Mel, I love the turquoise and the white against it just bangs! You're gonna love the orange too.

  6. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I wasn't sure about the turquoise, but now that I've seen it - I LOVE IT! I'm thinking beach and white sand looking at the wall and the silver ornaments set against that backdrop are so beautiful.
    Well chosen! Does Dave make house calls? ;-)
    Denise (whose hubby HATES to paint)

  7. Oh these colors look great! The turquoise is a beautiful shade and the red is all warm and cozy for nestling. Makes the quilts jump. Feel like I've just enjoyed a magic carpet ride.

    Thanks, Chris

  8. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Love the turquoise! In my "previous" house, I painted my sewing room that color. It make me smile when I walked in and it gave me energy. Gee, maybe I should paint ALL my rooms in this house that color...LOL

    Also, I love red, too. Not sure I would want it in my bedroom, though as red is supposed to make you hungry!

    Can't wait to see the orange. I wanted to paint "previous" houses' livingroom that color but was not sure DH would like it.


  9. The turquoise is just perfect for that room. And I"m sure the orange will be so great. We're all waiting for it to get done.
    Your red and white bedroom is so Minnie Mouse - but in a totally good way. It's going to be very fun and very you when it's all done.

  10. I just clicked on the first pic to show it to Terry and - of course, he likes it, but I realized that it reminds me of Tiffany's.

    How do you like that?

  11. Red is our favourite colour, and we applied it to the walls of our living room, and it is a constant source of recreation. On the other hand: Red in a bedroom... it was a good idea not to paint the walls red. From my childhood (with many fever nights) I experienced red as a colour that won't let you rest when you need to. This is the only disadvantage about our fave!


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