Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too Many Choices

We've become paint chip collectors. They all look great, but then the light changes and they look like...urp. This is our dilemma. The living/dining room faces northwest and in the summer is quite dark because of the tree canopy. In the leafless months we actually get some sunlight in the morning and at sunset. Mostly it is a shady room. So we figure we need a light color on the wall, but we loathe wimpy. Wimpy is not dramatic or exciting.

While we love the greens and they seem to go with the green-ness surrounding us most of the time, we also feel that green may be too cool and dark. So orange and its neighbors are becoming more attractive. We do have a lot of orange-red in our leather chairs, and our Mexican art works. And so I ordered a bolt of orange silk taffeta to make into drapes.

At least I thought it was orange. It may be gold or red, depending on where you stand. It's iridescent for heaven's sake! O geesh.
So we declare our choices with ultimate finality on a daily basis. One of these days we are gonna have to stop dilly-dallying and make a choice.
Um...we are also deciding on a contrasting color as an accent wall. Don't get me started.

PS. Dave left a comment on yesterday's blog:

Dave said...
To those readers who wrote such kind wishes to Melody and me, I would like to return the favor. I am amazed that I have been with Melody for thirty years or is it the other way around. As most of you can agree, it never gets easier, and in my marriage it seems to require more understanding of learning ways to keep it together. I do admit I'm getting cranky and more impatient than I remember myself being. But thankfully, she has you and her blog, which provides her with a connection to other creative types. It's this relationship with you (her readers) that give her just what she needs to keep growing as an artist and as a person. And for this I cannot thank you enough. I would also like to thank those who so gently stated that they have missed my blog again and again. All I can say is you never know what the future holds and God willing maybe I'll start writing again soon.


  1. What a great couple you are together! I vist your blog daily, Melody and did also enjoy your blog, Dave! I do hope you start writing again. It's wonderful that you have so many 'cyber friends' and we are so fortunate to be one of those!

  2. I love all of your color choices. My husband and I chose a warmish yellow, wonderfully called "tortilla chip" for a coolish room. It works to warm it up, in my mind anyway. The color always dries darker it seems. I like a warm cantaloupe color, a warm aqua or a warm green-just my vote and mind you, I have beige-y type walls. I dream in color though...LOL! Good luck!

  3. How sweet it is that you two have shared 30 years together. I have found inspiration from your devotion to each other. It's never a bed of (red) roses all the time, but you both have worked together to achieve a very loving relationship. And yes, I too, miss Dave's blog. Congratulations to you Melody and Dave!

  4. that orange silk is stunning. It's beautiful no matter how you see it.
    So great to hear from Dave.

  5. They say an east facing room should be painted a warm color and a west facing one a cool color. I still just do what feels good to me.

    I love iridescent fabric, but that must make it harder to choose the paint color.

  6. Looooove that shimmering orange silk. How about coppery orange for the walls? The strong rich colors of your art and furniture would sparkle against that less intense/pure color. Plus, it wouldn't "feel" hot in the summer, but you'd feel warmth in the winter.

    Glad to hear a few words from Dave.

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM

    I've written before and mentioned orange is my neutral! Love it. As far as I am concerned you can't go wrong with it. My friends laugh at me. I hope they read your blog as I mention it all the time. Your pictures are my eye candy.

    Happy 30 year anniversary. that was a very nice response from Dave. Lucky couple.


  8. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Melody & Dave, We have the same dilemma in our home. I have no coverings on the back of our house so I can see the woods & lots of sunshine! Rooms filled with light & changing color outside are tough to paint. The sunlight, and moonlight, change our paint colors hour-by-hour. Our compromise is a banana cream which goes from a warm creamy neutral to salmon-tinged yellow that looks great with one wall painted cranberry red. Red is my favorite color so we need a backdrop for all my red "stuff" and fabrics. I bet your orange/gold drapery changes with the light as well! Do what you like so your home reflects who you guys are. I think it looks marvelous; makes me want to meet the folks who live there!
    Suzanne G in NC-a lurker :}


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