Friday, December 19, 2008

Gathering Inspiration

Lately I have been collecting (slurping) images from artist's websites and putting them in a file called Quilts I like. David Walker's website design site provided links to most of the artist's works here. Spend a few hours looking at all the wonderful work there and you will be amazed! Other fave quilts are by Malka Dubrowsky and Lisa Call, and some are from Robin Ferrier's former blog, Janet Steadman, Ellin Larimer, Joyce Seagram, Eleanor McCain and Tommy Fitzsimmons.

The vast majority of these works are meant for the wall. I don't think 'bed quilt' when I see these.

A couple at the top are works in progess and in the second row the middle quilt here is not even a quilt, it's needlepoint by my new blog friend Eva-Maria Nerling.

If I make something that has a thrilling design, I would want to hang it on the wall. And if I make something that functions as a serviceable design, I immediately lose interest. Arggh.

Add to the mix that I can't concentrate because my knee is hurting and today I am finally going to stop hoping it will fix itself. I am going to the doctor. Of course today I have no pain at all, but then I sat with my leg up all day yesterday, knitting.

I'll leave you with a quote from Dave Johnson:
I wonder if Barack Obama realizes that I agree with everything he does?


  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Maybe you could support one of those Artist whose work you admire and commission a bed size quilt!

    Tell Dave he is not alone in his thoughts.

  2. Have you seen Kathy York's Little Cities? You'd love it.

    Sorry about your knee. It sounds like a knitting interlude was probably good for the leg and the creative brain.

  3. Hope your knee will be better soon!

  4. Does your knee hurt on the same side as your "plantar fasciitis"? There's a great book about self-massaging trigger points, those knots that develop in muscles that often refer pain to other places. "Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies is cheap ($15 at Amazon) and full of information and explains how such knots can be the explanation for all sorts of aches and pains and mis-diagnosis like plantar fasciitis. My knee hurt for over a year and was quickly cured by myself with this book as my guide. Written by a true believer who wants to help others and I've become one, too.

  5. Carol Sc10:00 AM

    The Gwen Marston book is available from her --- ---(231) 448-2565, P O Box 155, Beaver Island MI 49782. Or from Gregory Case (photographer). Or through --- at the Lulu site, you can also purchase a PDF version. Gwen calls this a book for "grown up quilters" --- lots of inspiration through pictures, no instructions.

  6. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Your work is wonderful and I enjoy your blog very much. It surprises me that you would publish photos of other artists work without giving them the respect of acknowleding who made which quilt. Whatever happened to copyright, let alone the Golden Rule?

  7. Sometimes you can find wonderful quilting (and knitting!) books at your friendly local library.

  8. Mel - just curious about the names of the quiltmakers whose work you've shown. Some of the designs look familiar, others intriguing enough that I'd like to "check them out" sometime. Thanks as always for sharing.

  9. Thanks for the sites heads-up. I love looking at quilts.

  10. I wonder how it will feel to sleep under a quilt made by me. Hmmm ... I wish I know how to quilt.

  11. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Thanks for the link to David Walker's site. So much cool stuff there, it'll keep me busy for hours!

    Debbie G

  12. Goodness, there is a lot of worthwhile info in this post!


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