Thursday, December 18, 2008

We have Fire

At last the new propane line is installed and our fireplace is blasting out the heat.
It took less than two hours to get the old wall unit off and the new fireplace line installed. I am so happy. Dave will paint out the wall today and we are almost done with the decorating posts.

There are only two paintable walls in the kitchen and now they are orange too. What a great big difference that makes.
Now back to quilting...

I decided to test out my design idea for the new quilt using both solids and prints. I figured that solids would help define the design and prints would add details.
Um. I am underwhelmed.

It may have been my color choices. I used white because I have this idea that white is clean, crisp and fresh and I used green because I am so leaning towards this light celery-lime-pear color these days. Am I wrong? I don't know, I just didn't feel this. So I quilted it and made it into a pillow which will go nicely in the guest room.
I have a better plan. And it includes using red.


  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I don't 'feel' it either, I think there is too much white, maybe use narrower white strips?!?

    The orange walls are so fabulous, really warm and welcoming. THOSE, I am

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    Melody, the fireplace looks terrific surrounded by the orange. That is one fabulous color.

    Far be it from me to sound like a critic but I think its the white on the pillow. I cannot decide what other color it should be but I was thinking brighter. Its a great design though.

    I am in awe that you just whip these things up. I think I envy your life! The time and energy to create is a gift. I should give that to myself!

    Can't wait to see your better plan with red.


  3. Pear-lime-celery-just love them! For combos, I like a red violet or true purple as the offset color-maybe even magenta, in place of the white. I bet you come up with something awesome-can't wait to see it-work faster!!!! LOL!

  4. I think the white would be a wonderful frame for some really interesting free motion quilting in a contrasting color --- but it doesn't matter. You've already moved on to the next idea, which will certainly be superfantastic. Can't wait to see it.

  5. Wow the fireplace looks so wonderful and inviting. Do you have orange Christmas stockings? I'm sure I have at least one in storage...
    And I am so amazed that you painted the kitchen orange, too. The cabinets are getting closer and closer!

    I know how you feel about this piecing thing you're all about these days. I will elaborate more tomorrow in my blog. But I'm right there with ya.

  6. I think maybe some hot pink or purple! I do love the green! And I love that window!!!!

  7. Well I know you aren't feeling it, but I LOVE the lime/white combination! It gives the colors room to breathe and feels like just after Spring cleaning in my mind. But then I'm not a fan of red, I use it when a client asks for it but that's it! Yay for the fire and the orange walls also! :)

  8. Well I know you aren't feeling it, but I LOVE the lime/white combination! It gives the colors room to breathe and feels like just after Spring cleaning in my mind. But then I'm not a fan of red, I use it when a client asks for it but that's it! Yay for the fire and the orange walls also! :)

  9. Melody.... I love the fact that you went so bold on your walls. I painted a 'melted butter' color last month and my family, say, 'why didn't you use beige'!... ughhhh...

    As for the experiment. I actually like the white.. I just think the pieces are too wide. The same for the darker green pieces. I bet if you narrow those down and throw in some fuscia, this baby will sing! But as another blogger has said, you tried it, and moved on.... that is what life is all about.

  10. Underwhelmed! What a wonderful idea for a new word!
    Yes, I have a hint what might disturb the expected impression: White stripes like this remind of ... bandages ... sorry ... White can be a beautiful background with a number of coloured windows/miniatures, a stamp collection, scattered little things or whatever -- in all these cases the white steps back into second row and just serves.

    Your fireplace is so cozy! I wish we had one.

  11. I hear your thinking on the cleanness and crispness of the white and it is nice and pop-py. The thing that always gets me with white is that is always seems to look kind of cheesy once it's pieced. The seams show through, it looks wrinkly, etc. and that spoils the crisp part of crisp and fresh for me!

  12. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I am agreeing with the peeps who love the green and white, and maybe just a tiny bit less white. I think it is fresh and pretty . Your walls look awesome.
    Have fun with your reds and being cosy by the fire.linda m in bc

  13. Oh the fireplace looks so good in that spot. And the fire looks good too as I am typing and watching the snow fall.

    I like the green & white as well as the suggestion of a tad less white. It also reminds me that I have been meaning to mention to you in case you hadn't heard of them. They print one to five yards of your submitted designs. I've held a piece and the quality is good.

    I mention this because every time I think of them, I think of your paintings; and how interesting it would be to see a pear, leaf or other of your lovely images peeking out from between your hand dyes. The inkjet version of fabric printing doesn't quite give the same result as Spoonflower's.
    Enjoy, Chris

  14. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Melody -
    I, too, envy your ability to just 'whip' something up! I'm sure your 'box of crayons' helps! Love the lime and white 'strata' but the other white strips are too much - too wide. but Hey! you tried it!
    nice job on the paint!
    Keep enjoying life and happy holidays!
    <3 judi in wny

  15. I do like the green and white, but I often find there's not enough contrast with these particular kinds of green against white. That might be why it feels a little dull -- the white *is* crisp and clean, but it doesn't really pop in the right way from the green. Looking forward to the evolution of this idea!

  16. Too square? most of your other work relies on it not being rigid, perhaps the lines need to be a little more wonky?

  17. I copied your cushion and changed colours with photoshop. I gave it red bandages and an orange background. I was whelmed.

  18. White doesn't do it for me.

    Yellow? Hot pink!

    A teeny bit of white, ok, but more than that and I start to go to sleep.

    I'm sure that's one reason I love your work -- no white overload. :-)

  19. Um...yeh, I agree.

    White in there tones down that Melody spirit WAY, WAY too much. Pillow is wise (hee hee).

  20. LOVE the orange favorite color.


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