Monday, November 17, 2008

Quilt Archaeology

Sidestreet #I 35x25"

Hand Dyed cottons, machine pieced and quilted

Sunday I got an email from an art agent requesting jpegs of my available work , size 30x40" for possible sale to a hospital. Gulp. Nothing that size came to mind and after I checked what was on my website only a few things were available, and not anywhere near that size.
This meant going out to the garage where all the quilts are being stored. I don't have good photos of those, so I set about pressing and shooting LOTS OF QUILTS. Most of these were made before I blogged, so I thought I would let you see my humble beginnings.

Shell Beach 26x28

There was a era when I thought painting on fabric with acrylics was a great way to get texture and variety into my work. I found three examples of painted quilts. I had forgotten all about them.

Sand Key 30x26

Acrylic paints, fused and machine quilted

Of course these are not of a size that would fit the request. Still it was a treat to see them again.

Red Sails 32x18 SOLD

Patched Pavement 41.5x29.5

This one has lots of hand dyed French Knots on the surface, as colorful gravel.

A Tangled Web 39x60
Hand dyed cottons, hand dyed rayon and pearl cotton threads, machine pieced, hand embroidered and machine quilted.
Who would have thought I would put that much 'embellishment' on a quilt?

July Blue Sky 30x52"
Hand dyed cottons, thread schnibbles, silk and lame, machine pieced and machine quilted.
This is a really early piece done while I was in graduate school, I think. Notice that I did a bunch of traditional piecing in those days. I don't think any of these pieces came with me when I traveled. Some of them were hanging in my house and it was easier to just pack up the latest pieces rather than strip the walls.

Desert Sky 31x34"

Hand dyed cottons, fused, machine quilted.

And then I rediscovered this piece, which I was sure I had already sold to someone. Recently I had a request for it, and I told that person it was gone. Duh.

I will continue to unearth more quilts and soon I will set up a blog just for available work...all in one place, so I can keep track.


  1. I have seen a couple of those in person! You take me back to a time period when I saw you often.
    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  2. You have just reminded me of how much I love your quilts!!

  3. Dang! Shell Beach and Sand Key are WONDERFUL!

  4. Humble? I would love to be able to do something as humble as those!

  5. beautiful, thank you for this show.. neat to see your beginnings..

  6. OMG how I love Desert sky. So beautiful


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