Saturday, November 15, 2008

Let's Make a Shawlette

This is a super easy, can't fail shawl pattern. I made it yesterday from scraps of red yarns. It doesn't matter what kind, altho they were of similar weights, sorta. I used big circular needles, like size 11 or so. But that doesn't matter either. How much yarn? How much you got?

It hangs nicely to the mid back, and is cozy. Just the perfect thing for your sister, or cousin or boss for Christmas. And you know it loooooomms on the horizon. This only takes a day or two nights in front of the TV.

And any yarn will do. I used fancy and plain and both look like they worked, yes?

It is long enough to tie or just let it hang. Dresses up even the dullest outfit, even pajamas.

Here's the scoop. I lifted this pattern from this site. She also has a great top down raglan pattern. Speaking of top down raglans...I found the pictures of the Dream cardi by Kim Hargreaves on my other computer. This is where I got the idea for the teal cardigan I finished the other day.

And while I was searching those files I found this cute vest from Jane Thornley, which also uses up scraps. Could this be my next knit?

Here are two more free top down cardigan patterns. Here.
and Here.

And one more thing...I had a video chat with my sister this morning. We both have gmail and both of our laptops have built in cameras and mikes, so we could see and hear each other FREE. You gotta love technology!


  1. Melody, Whether you're knitting, quilting, painting, cooking, gardening, decorating -- or simply just being -- you truly inspire me. Thanks for the lift to my day!

  2. gosh, I may have to add knitting to the long list of things I would like to try... thanks, Melody! BTW, I love the shawlette!


  3. Ooooh, that vest is very cute. I just took my first steps into knitting a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a good and simple winter project. Hmmm. Just need to picture how it would look with an additional thirty pounds beneath it. :)
    Thanks, Chris


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