Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kool Things

Detail of Medusa, hand dyed pearl cotton threads, hand and machine embroidery

In the continuing saga begun yesterday, about selling some quilts through an art agent, I decided the most efficient way to show my available work was to upload it into a slide show and put it on a website. If you know me, I only do things like this if they are easy, which it so IS.
Why keep stuff like this to myself?
So here's the scoop: I use Blogger, Google's Gmail and Picasa. All FREE. I download my photos into Picasa, which I can use to upload into my blog.
Blogger seems to offer me a new website whenever I log in, so I take advantage of that invitation. In Picasa I can also make a slide show (Picasa Albums) and make it public (like Flickr) and embed it in my blog.
In Picasa I can add or edit captions to my photos and then later change them or reorder the slides in the online photo album. Simple and quick.

I am throwing in a picture here, for a breather while this all digests. Have a seat.

So as I took photos of some 50+ quilts on Sunday, I measured them and noted the title and size and price with the picture, and then uploaded them yesterday here. I didn't like the randomness of my arrangement so I rearranged them into like series and renumbered them in the edit section. NICER.

Hollyhocks II. Detail of machine quilting using hand dyed pearl cotton threads
When I was happy with the arrangement I created a new blogsite Melody's Quilts and embedded the slideshow as my only blog post. I chose the largest format available and it is BIG. I chose the Blogger layout Simple II which has no sidebar, for maximum page space.

Pinwheel Parade
Hand dyed cottons, and pearl cotton threads, fused, hand and machine embroidered and quilted. 18x18"

When you open the site the slide show begins. The captions can be turned off or on, and then they drop down out of the way automatically. The slideshow can be paused or moved forward or back. Clicking on the icon on the bottom left takes you to the Picasa Album pages where the pictures are static and can be viewed all at once.

What this makes me think is that we can all have a website that has big pictures of quilts, for free in a day. How kool is that?


  1. You are correct- WAY COOL! Thanks for the slide show and the advice. Your quilt collection is fabulous and I have enjoyed the quilt trip through time. Good luck with selling your beautiful quilts- many people will be thrilled for a chance to own one of these beauties.

  2. Hi Mel,

    You have such a broad, complex, stunning and vibrant body of work! Thanks for sharing the great photos. Really, I love all your work.

    Kristin in SC

  3. I just LOVE your work! It makes me happy

  4. LOVE the quilts, but I didn't see prices.

    Ellen Lindner

  5. The coolest thing is watch a slide show of your quilts. I could do that all day and be happy. Way way cool!

  6. I love your quilts.

  7. Anonymous7:40 AM

    Thanks for all this info! I have been toying with the idea of a website and/or blog but have been a bit overwhelmed with all the options. You make it sound so simple!


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