Thursday, November 06, 2008

November in Tennessee
The fall colors are just gorgeous these days. Last year we were happily surprised to find that Autumn is a really long season here. Three full months of gently changing leaves which are starting to fall in lazy spirals into our pond. I saw one goldfish yesterday, but mostly they are not coming up anymore...not until Spring again.

And OMG the traffic around here...


  1. Gorgeous! And I love the look of that road! I've lived in Fort Myers, FL for 17 years. In all that time, only once have I been on a road where I couldn't see another car either in front of me or in back of me. And that was in some national forest up near Ocala! So very sad--I long for the day....


  2. No traffic! How wonderful. I long for the quiet that was once my life before the oil people came...LOL.....The fall colors are beautiful there where you live. Take care.

  3. If I saw a road with no traffic here in NE Jersey, I'd think the world was coming to an end!

  4. are your fish in a manmade pond? I'm putting in a pond now with fish capabilities but am wondering if fish care is over my head! do you find them easy to care for?

  5. Stunning!!! Enjoy basking in that beauty!

  6. Melody,
    Fall looks beautiful on your hill. That open road would be hard to find here in WA as well. There has been a magical collection of fall color putting smiles on all our faces.

    And smiles are something I seem incapable of holding back this week. Driving, sitting at my desk, in the middle of meetings and on... unbidden heart swelling smiles. To see Obama, this bright, sane fellow take the reins of this nation is the gift of a lifetime. Only wish my ancestors were alive to see it. I look forward to a world that expects communication from America and six-guns as a last resort.


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