Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America Grows Up
To say I am proud to be an American again is just so sweet. And to watch that crowd in Chicago's Grant Park through tears in my eyes and theirs was unspeakably wonderful.
Hope reigns supreme.


  1. It's a very good day to be an American! Yeah, baby!

  2. Anonymous8:32 AM

    I don't even live in America, and 'am not American and I cried and cried last night. I was up all night watching and talking together on the phone to friends in other countries. Historical indeed.
    I have never been prouder of the American peoples! (Yes peoples)
    Now Americans, get to work and make this dream come through.

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    If you lost your pride, then in your heart you were never proud ever to be an American. This isn't a football game, it's life people.

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM

    What dream? We never heard one thing about a "dream" - just alot of bashing of the other side. The only thing I know is that we're headed towards Communism and no one is alarmed.
    I agree with the previous poster - this is not a game! The country is now more divided than ever.

  5. Bravo to us Americans! We have made history with this election and we now have a much brighter future ahead for ALL of us.

  6. Rhonda9:49 AM

    Yes, it is a great day. An awesome day, and I too shed tears of joy. Thank you Americans under 30 and those that made a choice to actually USE their brain this time.

  7. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I'm scared!

  8. We still have a ways to go, But as a country and a people we turned the corner yesterday.

  9. Hmmm...these "Anon" posters (it's difficult to have any respect for someone who can't even use their name) need to wake up. Divided?? Hardly. Finally we have a President whose election represents a true majority. I have NEVER, in 33 years of voting, seen a presidential election decided so early. Yes, the internet and technology had something to do with it but, the sheer numbers of people who came out to vote, and who voted for Obama, made my heart sing.

    Juanita, you are so right!

    Please go read my post for this morning.....


  10. Anonymous10:42 AM

    "Anon" you really think this country would have been better off with the same policies and mindset as the previous administration??? Our country needs new leadership. New ideas. Do you like living with a government that doesn't care about the average person? That only cares about lining it's own pockets? This administration is going down in history as the worse administration EVER! (Not my quote but from analysts). What kind of legacy is that? 72% of Americans are dissatisfied with Bush. We've had 8 years of corruption and the raping of our citizens. We needed a change....and, Thank God....we got it.


  11. Has anyone noticed a pattern here...?

    The anonymous (negative) comments come from a place of fear, pain, selfishness, and divisiveness ... typical tenets of the conservative mindset.

    Obama offers hope, calls for unity and compassion, and asks people to strive for the highest good. Conservatives flourish when the lowest common denominator reigns.

  12. I never believed I would see this day. The triumph of hope. So sweet!

  13. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Speaking as your Canadian neighbour, my heart sings with this news.Peace Love Joy to the World. Congratulations America . God Bless you All and your brilliant and beautiful new first family.
    Linda in BC

  14. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord and Amen, Amen.

  15. Anonymous12:42 PM

    I became an American citizen in 1996 after living in this great country for 25 years. I became a citizen so that I could vote. I am so very proud to be an American. It really does not matter what side you voted on or if you lean to the left or right, you are an American and you were free to vote yesterday for whoever you wanted with no fear of reprisals. Do not forget how lucky we are in this country. With all our problems here we live with more abundance than most other people. More people can read, watch TV, drink potable water, eat healthy food and speak freely on politics/religion or whatever. We have nothing to fear. We should have hope and joy every day because we are so blessed to be Americans. Dream on !

  16. I'm British but I'm still moved and delighted by the news - didn't stay up all night to watch but woke at 6 a.m. and had to switch on the TV - amazed to see Obama had won by then and slept easy after that!

  17. Proud and full of hope for our future. Diversity is alive and well in the USA. Through tear-filled eyes (sometimes sobbing) I watch our country take a giant leap forward last night. My hope for our future is that we WILL again become the UNITED States of America. Bring us together, Barack.

  18. I am so filled with relief, gratitude and hope. Let's take this united energy and passion and help put this country back on track.

  19. Yes it does!

    And Yes We Did!

  20. SewsewLiz2:02 PM

    If you weren't a believer before you will never be let's get behind a great and good person who doesn't look or speak to us with contempt, who values our humanity.
    Someone who has walked the walk and can talk the talk. It was
    thrilling just to be able to watch history being made. I am most grateful!!

  21. Still brings tears of gratitude, joy, and hope reliving last night - yes, we can

  22. Liz in IN2:13 PM

    I'm not from the States (tho' I am from "America": North America), and I think I'll continue my wait-and-see stance, for now.

    I do hope (heh) we can live on "Hope", since there sure ain't no money, and I'd really rather not donate any MORE of my own....

    Get back to me when "Fairness" is *legislated*. Can o' worms, anyone?

  23. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Congratulations from Germany for your new president. God bless America, the Americans and a long life for your president!

  24. I hung my American flag outside today. I am proud.

  25. Michou2:45 PM

    A big relief comes from Luxembourg / Europe!
    I hope the disastrous Bush era is quickly banned to history and that the American Dream comes out of its nightmare...
    Thumbs up for Obama !

  26. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Last evening I was in tears. I'm so relieved now that a black man has been elected president. Finally! We've worked so hard in this country, toiled in anger and frustration to end racism, and now FINALLY we've elected a black man.

    I was also in tears thinking about the wonderful things Obama is going to bring us. He'll reach across the aisle and find the middle ground on critical issues such as abortion. Some want it, some consider it murder. Obama will find the middle ground and both sides will be happy.

    Then there's taxes. Obama will reduce taxes and for that I'm so happy. I need money, we all need money. It's not easy living in the USA. By reducing taxes he'll put more money in all of our pockets.

    The rest of the world is telling us we did the right thing so what more do I need? Nothing.

    We are what we've been waiting for! It's the realization of a DREAM! It's so incredible what Obama's going to do I can't put it into words.

    For all these wonderful things I am so happy and feel so proud. HOPE is back.

  27. We are so happy here in Switzerland!! I am proud of the young people of America who went out to vote yesterday. I am full of hope for the future of America.
    Change is coming!

  28. Anonymous3:11 PM

    To Anon, about that stooopid talk of communism...does that shit even exist anymore? Still same old same old tired old scared tactics. Do you believe the 'rambo' style of govt. is any better or different than living in a dictatorship state?

    To the OTHER Anon about being 'scared'. That's ok! Not everyone can handle 'change'. You go sit in your little corner and be scared. You are FREE to be scared and only you can CHANGE that.

    To everyone else, bring out the Champagne and let's party°°°

  29. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Oh, and if I had an American flag, I'd hang it here in Germany. So sorry I don't have one.

  30. I, too, had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I listened to his speech last night. My only fear, being a child of the sixties, is that some individual (or individuals) will try to silence him.

  31. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Wow. I am a conservative and I can't believe what I am reading on this blog. I am for anyone who is qualified-- forget their race or sex. I just never heard Obama really say anything of substance, just generalities. Did I want McCain? not really, but I never wanted to have my taxes raised again, either. You can bet your booties that will happen and also that he will not be the great decision maker either.

  32. Anonymous4:37 PM

    If you're a Conservative what in the heck are you doing on this blog? This blog is only for ultra-left wing liberals who reject rational thought and logical arguments, and who instead operate on emotion.

    Go away!

    We are what we've been waiting for! It's the realization of a DREAM! It's so incredible what Obama's going to do I can't put it into words.

    Stop trying to rain on our parade. What are you anyway? Too afraid to post your name? I have no respect for you.

  33. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Race shouldn't have anything to do with being a good president... he might very well be a good president, but the crazy comment about it's about time a black man was president SOUNDS RACIST. Look beyond that. I didn't vote for him... but it certainly had nothing to do with his race. He has a BIG job in front of him and has made lots of promises to people... I hope he can do it all.

  34. Anonymous5:03 PM

    83% of African-Americans voted for Obama, many of them voting for the first-time in their life. They went to the poles to be part of this historic event. Don't try to inject racism here.

    Remember - Obama is a leader who will reach across the aisle and unite all of us.

    The results of this election prove we're no longer a divided, partisan country. Divided?? Hardly. Finally we have a President whose election represents a true majority.

    63 million of us voted for Obama. And 55 million of us voted for McCain. We are united! When the voters pick a president by a true majority it means they're united and stand behind their choice!

    We have a true majority this election! We haven't seen a president get a true majority since George Bush in 2004 received 50.2%.

    Bill Clinton received only 43% in 1992 and 49.2% in 1996, neither a majority, simply a "plurality".

    Obama has a big job in front of him. He can do it because we all have HOPE for the CHANGE that he brings. We are united for once.

    Obama will lower the taxes on us all, while improving everything. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We know it because we have HOPE.

    Why is this so difficult for some to understand?

  35. Does it really matter who is president when our citizens continue to demean and dismiss differing points of view?

    Right here in the microcosm of this blog we see both liberals and conservatives falling into old and hateful habits.

    We are the government, we are America. We must learn how to respect one another again. It's when we truly listen to one another that real change will come.

  36. I must say that he was not my candidate of choice, but he is now my president and as my president I must give him the respect and support that the job entitles him to. I'm sure on these things we agree - we all want the war to end successfully and our economy to improve. Let's hope that can happen. One thing that does concern me is the deviation from what has been said for the past 24 months. Although, if what all of you are saying on this website is true that he now states our taxes are not going to be raised I will be glad because for the past couple months I was under the impression that my taxes where going to be going up drastically.

  37. I wish I had as much hope as all of you. The problem I have always seen is that it isn't the president who is to blame for everything. We have cronyism in the Congress which has created many of these problems and it has been a problem for more than eight years. We, as a people, share a sense of entitlement (not necessarily those that post here, but a lot of Americans.) We have lost the knowledge that hard work made us great and now want to work less and "get" more. Our children think they should be getting jobs making six figures just out of college. A lot of pressure is going to be on Obama from the git go to perform a miracle. He will have to clean a House and a Senate. I have not been a Bush fan, and was not enamored with McCain or, God help me, Palin. But I am not convinced that Obama is the answer and truly feel bad for any leader that has to take over in these times. If you truly read where this latest economic slide started, it started before this last administration and it started with us! Everybody wants something for nothing. You can't give mortgages out to anyone and everyone and not expect that it will come back around and bite you in the butt. Look at who was getting the money... Congress... they make a bundle off lobbyist and CEO's. I do hope Obama can clean that up. I hope that you all are right and I am not. Obama is inspirational, but unproven. I wish him the best.

  38. Anonymous7:32 AM

    It was an awesome moment to be watching history unfold. It was a terrible campaign. The power of the media ads to turn people's minds to talk of socialism and patriotism, while incredible, is decidedly nasty.

    I believe one thing was made clear in this election. We cannot continue down the path we have been on for the last 8 years. The mandate is that we want change.

    Cindra is correct. A lot of things happen because of members in Congress, not a President. It is our job as citizens of this country to pay attention. They all have e-mail addresses. Use them. I often send e-mails to my representatives when I am concerned and when I applaud decisions they make. Amazingly, I often get a response in the mail.

    We've have fanatically paid attention to this election. We need to keep paying attention. its important - they work for us and we need to keep them on that track.

    Bravo, Melody! I, too, am very, very proud.


  39. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Cindra, your words ring true. This country is in a mess - a mess too big to have been created by one person (or one party). The blame lies with all of us.
    I see many who do think they should get something for nothing - but ALL of us have gifts, things that we can do, to give back to society. IF we all CAN pull together as one, just think of what we can do! And I don't mean just paying higher taxes (which I'm still convinced will happen no matter who had won). I mean we all have to DO things to get back to being one nation united.
    I am *cautiously* optimistic - I don't think the mess will go away in four years. I hope Obama proves me wrong.

  40. diane9:00 AM

    As for being proud of our country, I am not always proud of what Washington does but I do not believe that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are a true representation of this country. If there was any true justice they would be prosecuted for war crimes. I am always proud of the American people, however, The people are the reason we are a great country.

    Anyone who believes that taxes are going to be lowered is out of touch with reality. There was even a small blurb in the Wall Street Journal concerning the fact that taxes would be raised on at least 95% of the people just to cover any two of the programs he proposes let alone covering the deficit that ending the AMT is going to cost. Wait til you see what he does to capital gains taxes and then if you haven't lost enough in your 401K just from the market uncertainties see what you have left if you have to sell anything.

    Before everyone goes tripping out about what I've written, yes, I voted for him because he is the better candidate and I could not vote for McCain, especially given that he supported torturing detainees not to mention so many of the other things that have come from Bush and his cohorts in crime.

    There are tough tough times ahead and everyone should prepare accordingly. And while you're at it, say a prayer for President-Elect Obama and our country.

  41. Bravo Cindra - well said. Will you be running in the future : ). We could use more people like you who can express their opinions while still respecting the opinions of others.

  42. I am a conservative, not necessarily a Republican, who did not vote for President-elect Obama. But come January 20, he will be MY President as well as everyone else's. That doesn't mean I won't be a part of the LOYAL opposition because I still haven't found a single issue that I agree with him on.

    What you won't hear from me - or the other conservatives that I have as friends - is the vile disrespect/death wish bilge that has been spewing from The Daily Kos or the Huffington Post for the past 8 years. Will there be some out there from the Right? Sure. But take it from me, someone who was a Democrat from 1972 until 1996, the Right can't hold a candle to the Left when it comes to that kind of stuff. I've seen both sides up close and personal and I know what I know.

    I'll also make a wager that you won't see the Right producing movies or Broadway plays about the fabricated assassination of a sitting president and call it entertainment.

    I'd like to share in all the hope, but I don't make decisions based on bumper sticker slogans, I make them on facts.

    Here are some facts, folks. I know three small business owners, (myself and my husband included) who are already planning cutback and possible layoffs if the Democrats tax plans come through. Amongst the three companies, we employ about 30 people. My husband and I alone employ 12 African-American men who undoubtedly voted for Senator Obama. And they may just have voted themselves out of jobs. We hope not, but we won't be able to say for sure until we see how things go.

    None of us are millionaires, far from it. But folks, here's another fact, small business owners employ 80% of Americans. NOT the government, NOT Big Bad Business, but small business owners. And if we are taxed beyond our limits guess what? First we, lay people off and then, if we still can't make it, we close up shop.

    I am proud of our country for being able to look beyond race and elect the first black man to lead a predominantly white populace. And I'll be honest, I am looking forward to seeing a young, vibrant black family in the White House to give our minority Americans, especially our young black men like the men we employ, a great role model.

    But when it comes to the facts, I'm not feelin' a lot of hope. Sorry.

  43. Whoa, I missed this the first time around:

    "To Anon, about that stooopid talk of communism...does that shit even exist anymore? "

    Ever hear of CHINA?? You know, the place where the state tells you how to do everything and people are 'disappeared' for expressing their opinions?

    But I can believe that some people don't even know how widespread Communism is even now because of leaders like Reagan, Thatcher and JPII. That is to their credit.

    As I mentioned in my previous message, I have been a liberal longer than a conservative and this is exactly what drives a lot people crazy. You've got that emotion, guy check thing down pat but the facts? Not so much.

    And that's all I'm ever gonna say here.

  44. I'm with you, Melody! It's a happy and hopeful time. We have to get this country moving again, and it won't be an easy task. We're all in this together.

  45. How exciting to see so many making statements. I believe in hope and propserity. I also believe in everyone paying their fair share. I get a bit miffed when I hear folks talk about taxes and how some choose to not want to pay anything extra. Gosh, if you make 250,000 a year, I think you should pay more than those who make 22,000.00 I was a single parent through many of the Reagan years as Governor of California. I was shocked to learn that I paid more State Taxes than he and I was raising two children.
    If corporations take jobs overseas - they should be taxed on bringing those items back to the US for sales. Kids are making shoes, sewing clothes, making a small amount of change and things sell for tons of money.
    We've got to do something or our children will be part of the working poor-never realizing the American Dream.
    Times will get tough - but we must get tough in the process. Get our bills paid and try and save some money.
    The last eight years have not been better for me - I was ready for a change!
    Give Hope a Chance!!


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