Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Survived the Big Yarn Sale
It was a great experience to see all the enthusiasm that came to my email address yesterday for the sale at Yarnmania!!
We all got confused but eventually sorted it all out. This morning I found a ball or two that didn't get marked sold or that got left out of a specific order. But I found that my 'record keeping' method actually WORKED. I found the right spot to put the yarns that were left out.
Orders came from as far away as Switzerland, which may make the good price not so good when it comes to adding on the shipping. eek!
I did order boxes from to put all this yarn in, but of course they will be WAY TOO SMALL. So people may be getting many small boxes rather than a humongous one.
It was a great hard fun day and I am ready to get this all out of my living room and get back to my pristine studio.
And maybe finish up a pair of sox, a cardigan, and a pullover I started last year.
Thanks to everyone for your participation.


  1. I'm glad your sale has gone so well. I managed to restrain myself from buying more yarn although it was a difficult task.

    You may want to re-think the many smaller boxes option. I don't know about USPS, but in Canada there is a minimum rate/box based on it's size plus the weight, so several smaller boxes may actually cost more than one larger one. We found this out when dd was mailing boxes to her grandparents where she was going to be livng the next year and ended up re-packing some smaller boxes into bigger ones.

  2. You must feel lightweight today, almost floating. All of the weight on your shoulders is gone!

  3. Thanks for setting such a good example by passing things on to others.
    This week I already gave my perfectly good piano to the local high school since it was much better than anything they had.
    Today I am working on filling the car with things I no longer need and will take it to the local Sharing Center where people may come and get things for free.
    Mostly clothing and I'm thinking winter coats I no longer wear, wool blazers, sweaters, etc.
    Hopefully I can fill the car at least twice and will have that mich lighter ffeeling too.

  4. Anonymous5:27 AM

    I had to sit on my hands! It was very very difficult to shipping cost these days is no fun.


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