Friday, October 31, 2008

You are invited to visit the Big Yarn Sale at Yarnmania!!

But first read this fine print:

In an effort to offer these yarns at greatly reduced prices I have posted each lot by number. Some lots are only one item and others are multiple items. There will be no separating items in a lot.

For example: 107. 8 skeins Mission Falls 1824, 85 yds, Superwash merino black, originally $6.50, sale $16

This means 8 skeins of this yarn is $16 total, not $16 each which would be dopey. Just wanna make that crystal clear.

1.Copy and paste your selections into an email to me with your address and phone number.

2. You will get a customer number with your order along with my mailing address, and I will fill each order as I receive your email. Iwill reply with your total including shipping. Orders for $100 or more will ship free.

3. Your order will ship as soon as I receive your check or paypal payment.

Since there are no backorders for these goodies, it will have to be first come first serve. When an item is sold it will be marked SOLD from the Yarnmania!! site. Your customer number will allow you to add to your order should your first choices already be sold.

I am shakin' in my boots at the overwhelming job of getting all of this stuff out to you EXACTLY as ordered. O Lordy, what have I done?


  1. You'll have a couple of weeks of craziness and then things will quiet down again. And you will have greatly increased the happiness on the planet. Woohoo!

  2. Ha!
    I totally missed the sale which is good for me and I feel much better about the size of my stash. I loved looking at all of your yarn though...looks like the sale was a huge success.Now your fun begins...


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