Monday, November 10, 2008

Multiple Blogs
I have a few blogs. This one is for daily posting (sorta daily) and then one each for the latest quilt, painting and now knitting. I also have a blog that I share with my sister, where we can upload really big pictures of the things we are working on or want to show each other. That one is private.
Speaking of really big pictures, as I was uploading the Yarnmania site yesterday with all the pictures of knits I have already posted at Fibermania I discovered that there is a url for every pictured that is clicked for enlargement. That url can be pasted in the slot that Blogger provides to upload a picture in your post. The resulting picture is posted as SUPER LARGE. Yarnmania's template is Simple II and it allows really large pictures. Go see what I mean here.


  1. Love all the fun socks and the poncho but OMG, those throw pillows are to die for! Beautiful work!

  2. I love the poncho, too and the throw pillows! That colorful vest is not bad either... I might want to hang it on my wall since no way would it fit me.

  3. The throw pillows are so wonderful. Now when you post the same picture on more than one of your blogs is it taking up more of your allotted storage space with Google? Or have you deleted it from your blog archive?

  4. I love your hand knit socks. Yesterday I put on a pair cause it is FREEEEEEZIN!!! up here. They are such a comfort.

  5. Wow! You are a really prolific quilter! I love your style, too, so cohesive. Congratulations on so much creativity!!! And thanks for sharing it with the web world!


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