Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Things Too Boring To Blog

1. Doing laundry
2. Washing dishes
3. Making the bed
4. Sitting and knitting. I got the body of this cardigan finished, and it fits perfectly, only it is way too long. Like four inches past the derriere. So I unknit that part and now I am trying to decide on what the sleeves will be like.

5. Dave is painting the woodwork in the living room and we are trying to decide on colors for the walls. Pear Green, Carribbean Aqua, Cream of Tomato, Flesh of Avocado, Flamingo

6. Making meatloaf. A huge meatloaf. 3 pounds of meatloaf. Enough for all week.

7. Dave ordered a mattress pad that is like the Tempurpedic (only less expensive) and it came with two pillows from the same foam. I made fitted covers and then made pillowcases from some nice quilt fabric. He is happy.

8. I am thinking about getting back to painting,
so I took 51 pictures of these pears, thinking I would make a huge painting of them for our living room, after we decide what color it will be. So in the meantime, I think we will eat the pears. They are so enticing and ripe.

9. I am dieting again, but not in a gung ho way. Retirement has changed my brain, and nothing is so demanding or immediate as it once was. Plus I have two pairs of jeans that fit perfectly and look great, so the need decreases. Anyway, I have stopped baking, boohoo, so no bread or cookies or muffins or cupcakes, and no ice cream and wine. No wine for a month so far. You'd think that this would have created some big change, but all I can say is that I still fall asleep during my favorite shows (after 9pm) and now I actually sleep through the night. Amazing. Yawn.
10. I am watching my new tv more than usual.
I like the decorating and food shows. My new fave is My Parent's House a Canadian makeover show, which is pretty amazing. The way people adjust to stuff over the years and never ever consider updating their environment is fascinating. And at night I have switched my allegiance from all the Law and Order shows to HOUSE. I am crazed to watch every possible episode. That's why I have a new tv. Dave doesn't wanna watch House.

11. I am trying to work out a pattern to make the adult size Magic slippers like these cute baby ones. This means trying different yarns and needles and stitch amounts, and so far, I am not pleased with the results. So I unknit.

So you aren't missing anything exciting around here.


  1. Thanks, Mel--you manage to make even "normal" life entertaining (think Erma Bombeck). I know there are many who look forward to your daily post--no need to feel pressure to entertain us with "stuff"--your words suffice!


  2. Isn't it nice to meander through projects? The meatloaf sounds delicious, and the pears are beautiful. Can't wait to see the painting.

  3. My life has gotten so normal that I don't think anyone would be interested in hearing about it so I have not blogged in a while, but your normal is so entertaining or interestingly told and documented with photo images that I enjoy stopping by to see what you are into... so keep blogging about the normal stuff.

  4. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I know what you mean about "meandering". I do that EVERY day! LOL I have had such a fun time the last few days with my "new" toys. DH and I were at our local thrift shop last week and I asked the owner if he ever came across any old Singer sewing machines at the auctions he goes to. Well, to make a long story short, he had 2 beautiful Mercury machines in his attic and I bought one for $20. It is a beauty and sews like a dream. He said it was hardly used and there is another one just like it at the shop. Then, a week ago I had placed a bid on a Singer 328k on Ebay and won it. I got it yesterday and it is another nice machine. I got out my acrylic paints and made a scenic painting for our family room downstairs. I started a neck scarf (crochet...sorry..I don't know how to knit) for this winter. Make Chile Colorado yesterday in the crockpot. :) Hope I can get to do some sewing on one of my "new" machines today.


  5. Oh My Darling, One of my very favs is HOUSE. Love it except for one thing. The writers apparently love to show spinal taps. There's a damn spinal tap in every episode and for some reason it sends chills down MY spine. It's become a running joke with us around here. Wait for it...there, it's a spinal tap!
    I'm very partial to the Carribean Blue and you.

  6. Liz in IN6:47 AM

    Hah! Welcome to my meandering (but sadly, far less colourful) world! Nice, innit?

    I've just recently (in the past six months or so) given up all the Let's-Make-Rob-Weller-Even-Richer Reno'-Reality Network programs! Glad you like 'em.

    'House'. Completely unscientific hypothesis: Perhaps, the more chronically a person is dependent upon the "real" medical community, the less they might enjoy watching medical dramas that portray physicians as jaded, cynical, often helplessly at-a-loss, and perhaps a good mite crazier than the average bear. Maybe?

    Yum. Pears. Enjoy!


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