Sunday, September 28, 2008

Road Trip
Brooke and I are off to Missouri to see our Mom today. It is an eleven hour trip if we don't dawdle. We are going to gab all the way and the time will fly.
Our visit will include talking to her doctor and lawyer and going to her house to retrieve our 'heirlooms', or at least the ones we really want.
Then a quick turnaround, and perhaps if we are up to it, a stop at Paducah, Quilt Mecca, and a visit to the museum and shops there. Brooke has never been. Imagine that?
We are anxious to return to continue the weeklong Dave's-Birthday celebration. In our absence, the new kitchen counters are being installed, and my laptop is coming back from being repaired, so blogging will be more consistent.
I am taking the camera...O Boy!


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I was in St. Louis last month visiting a quilting friend of mine. Got there on Friday and Sat. we set out for Paducah to go to the Quilt Museum. Couldn't believe everything is closed on Saturdays. The museum is open but Quilt in a Day, Hancock's of Paducah closes at 3PM, etc. We were so disappointed. We did find a wonderful quilt shop called Quilters Alley just down the street from the Museum. It was a wonderful shop!! We went uptown on Sat. night and discovered they have a street "fair" (not sure what it is really called) with music and dancing and food anything else you can think of. The shops were all open and we had a great time. We got a room for the night and on Sunday were toured the Museum. It was a great time. Enjoyed seeing the "Wall" and the Delta Queen was in while we were there. Hope you get to visit Paducah! I'd love to go back for their big quilt show in March (or is it April). My friend takes the bus from St. Louis and stays overnight. She doesn't have to worry about driving that way.

    Have a great time. :)


  2. Happy birthday to Dave, Ty turns 15 today too.

    How does Brooke like her shoes. have been so tempted to try zazzle out. I made 3 shoe designs about a month or so ago, but $60 for tennies is a stretch for me right now.


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