Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Floor is Finished!

And we are delighted. Of course it took longer than expected because the underlayment we were sold was the wrong thing. The installer unloaded it from our garage and reloaded it into his van and returned it to the store 30+ miles away and got the right stuff. The job turned into three days instead of one, with more missing items like finishing nails etc. But it is done now and we love it.

No more sink in the living room,

and today we will bring up this rack and its contents.

But the first thing we did was set up the sewing machines...can quilting be far from here?
Dave painted the mini bath and is reinstalling the toilet and sink which had to be removed so the floor could go down.

Next, the kitchen counters are being installed on Monday. That pesky cabinet is out getting cut down and I have already gotten used to the extra counterspace in its absence.

Lots of baking is happening. Cookies, chocolate chip rolled in chopped peanuts, O MY. And of course home made bread and while I'm at it Pizza. Brooke made us a Spanish omelette for breakfast and it was delish..

We've been enjoying perfect weather and whenever we need a break from furniture moving we sit on the porch and enjoy the breeze. Then we count a few fish down at the pond's edge and discuss the events of the past present and future.

With three adults and only one computer it has been a trick to find my turn, but I have been having such a great time this week and finally woke up early enough to get this in...

Today we will dink around in the sewing room and then pack because we are leaving on our road trip first thing tomorrow, which just happens to be Dave's birthday. He'll be 54. Could a party be on the horizon?


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Chocolate chip cookies rolled in peanuts!! OMG!!!

    Oh, and your floor looks great!!

    Have a good time with Brooke, and Happy Birthday to Dave.


  2. You appear to be experiencing heaven on earth with the two dearest souls in your life. Isn't the front porch the most wonderful way to observe the Nature that feeds your soul. How are those little fish doing? Imagine Peace, Mary Helen

  3. whoops....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE!!! Imagine peace, Mary Helen

  4. Happy birthday Dave.
    Hope its great.

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Is the floor leaves?


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