Monday, September 29, 2008

The Road Trip: Day Two
Ten hours and fifteen minutes to our motel in Bolivar MO, of totally easy driving while pretty much listening to NPR all day. Three sets of Prairie Home Companion had us memorizing the lyrics to several songs. No gasoline problems, and even lower gas prices in Missouri, $3.13 a gallon. Wow.
It is exactly four hours from my house in TN to Paducah KY which I needed to know to gauge when we will leave here and have time to visit the shops before continuing on home, later this week.
But I am getting ahead of myself. This morning we are seeing our mom and talking to her doctor and setting up appointments with people and getting the lay of the land. Quite an adventure in history for both of us girls. I know so much more about Brooke's childhood and she mine, since that is the topic of greatest interest on this reunion trip. O boy.
Last night we bought extra large white tee shirts for nightgowns and got a bunch of microwave popcorn which we were too pooped to pop. Typical.
Good internet access in the motel business office. That's class.


  1. oh the growing metropolis of bolivar !! lived there for 10 years -- now in springfield......hope your trip goes well!

  2. I'm thinking of you oth and hoping the trip is a good one.

  3. OMG. You're in Bolivar and I live on Lake Stockton, 20 miles away. I have to be in Bolivar tomorrow morning for an appointment; if I knew how to find you, I'd say, "Hello and welcome to Missouri."
    God Speed.


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