Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reclining Pears

Reclining Pears
oil on gallery wrapped canvas 8x10x1"

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Just between you and me, I think these pears are pretty sensual for a family blog.

My brother has gone and life at the Mexican Chalet has returned to normal. To get back to my painting routine required some studio cleanup, and furniture rearranging (our standard procedure) and I got quite a late start. My preferred painting time is in the morning but I began this painting at 3pm. Actually this is the second start. What I love about oil paints is that a bad start can be wiped off the canvas completely with a paper towel and some turpentine. Doing this actually has a calming effect.

Just for fun I made a collage of some of the recent pear paintings, including the Asian Pear.


  1. You keep painting pears and I keep buying them and not one of them has been as good as yours look. Please don't start on peaches, because I am loving the peaches this summer and I don't want to compare them.
    I am lookin at a little red hen...such a cheerful way to start my day!

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    WOW! I love your painting and look forward each day to see what your painting. Your subjects have me eating more fruit. I need to eat more veggies. Roberta


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